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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by syldt1 3 / 10 / 10

In circles to nowhere

3 points for the actor (and director) playing Yossi, the only saving grace of this mess.

Reviewed by andycork-50653 3 / 10 / 10

A thoroughly interesting film

This is the first film I've seen from Jonnie Hurn and Ian Manson and I was impressed. The filming and direction was a marked difference from the sanitised Hollywood style genre and instead gave a raw insight into the very interesting subject matter: crop circles. From the beginning you are taken along a journey as the journalist gradually uncovers the world of crop circles, which then of course then comes to an interesting conclusion (trying to not give anything away). At first the film does seem patchy and a series of events, but the story gradually ties all of these parts together to allow you to see the big picture of the world of crop circles. The subject is supposed to be secretive and slightly confusing so this film hits the spot perfectly. You feel the emotion of the characters as they develop through to story and the filming really makes you feel part of the excitement and secret club! I felt like I really was on the trip with them all and finding out the secrets as we went along. Having seen the direction and writing style I will certainly be seeking other films by these writers and directors.

Reviewed by truthsee 3 / 10 / 10

Confusing and just thrown together with padding

One word to sum this movie up. **Padding.** Right from the first frames on screen we are thrown into a messy edit, which comprises a montage of the scenes to come in the movie. Why, no reason, just have a montage of whats to come for no reason. Like a mini trailer right at the front of the movie. If that doesn't reek of fail I don't know what does. The cinematography is at times OK but a lot of the time inconsistent and flawed like a lot of bad focus pulls and botched direction ideas. Some stuff is never explained like switches from a "long barrow" to the inside chamber of the barrow where two people are talking. There you see I just confused you. If you don't know what things like long barrows are you'll be really confused when you see scenes like this which don't explain themselves... just a visual mash of things that to a layman make no sense. A lot of this movie seems made for a very narrow audience of people who actually know something about the subject matter of crop circles and stone henge type locations. If you don't understand these things a lot of this movie may confuse you. A lot of scenes are clearing in there just to make up time, ie padding... because they have zero impact or discernible need to be present. Contiunity errors such as a woman saying inside a sunny lit pub "there are lights in the sky out there now go look" - or words to that effect. Next scene the man is outside in full night. Wow. Clearly, a phoned in shoot. There were moments where very cheesy and inappropriate music was jammed on top of "moments" which really broke the fourth wall in terms of it didn't fit in the movie and made you start to think about what went wrong in the production process for something like that to make its way in to the edit. If you are a fan of crop circles then you might be curious but don't get your hopes up... special effects are awful and what little story there is could be described on the back of a cigarette packet, much like some crop circle designs are. A shame as I was hopeful or more but i found myself counting the minutes till the end. Nice countryside though.

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