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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by austin-andrews 8 / 10 / 10

Grim, gritty crime drama

A sprawling, surprisingly epic blue collar crime drama that rarely belies its low budget. Big themes handled with a mix of nuance and didacticism, but the different story threads weave together in surprising, fresh ways that manage to not feel contrived. A few standout performances and bold directorial choices lift this above its weight class. Worth a rental.

Reviewed by zathan-32848 10 / 10 / 10

Slow and boring

This movie does have some fake reviews.... But this is seriously not worth your time.... After 30 minutes i had to turn it off.. why spend money on this?

Reviewed by tarnia_c 10 / 10 / 10

emotionally moving, worth seeing, worth discussing

Suspenseful, emotionally moving plot with brilliant direction and cast this independent film is an amazing provoking movie, rich in plot and direction. It gave me chills on how my day to day effects those around me, we need to be more aware of who we pass and move by, a simple exchange could change the outcome and effect of someone else's life - laws of degrees of separation are so close. No wonder we have been told to keep an eye on this cast - from the up and coming Marc Senior to best emerging performer Steven Roberts let alone NBC Melissa Roxburgh among others that contributed to this evolving thought provoking conversation worthy film. Including the music of Bilal and even Ziggy Marley. I look forward to more from this group of talented writers, directors and actors. Thank you for letting yourselves experience the layers of emotion - how this must have affected your outlook on your own lives portraying such complexity! left me shocked and breathless in an awesome way.

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