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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alfiefamily 6 / 10 / 10

What happened here?

"In My Room" is an interesting, yet confusing post-apocalyptic film( I suppose) that ultimately left me with too many questions. I don't want to go too much into the details of the movie, because I don't think I can describe it without revealing too much. But it involves a sense of being alone, and the freedom that can come from that. I believe that it may also deal with second chances and starting over. It also is about our relationships with others. Nothing is explained here. Why people disappear, why the movie changes from German to English, why is someone so inept in one area but somehow gains a great deal of knowledge in other areas. There is a relationship between man and woman that in the end makes no sense. For me, the best part of the movie was found in the silence of individual scenes. Again, I don't fully understand what the film was about, and neither did anyone that I spoke to about it, after the screening. 6 out of 10

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 2 / 10 / 10

A pretty boring room

"In My Room" is a new German 2018 film that runs for 2 hours exactly pretty much and shows us the post-apocalyptic scenario of one one man living alone (most of the time) on the planet, or at least his area, and he has no clue what happened and where eveybody has gone. This is not a film about survival really or about scince fiction or anything, but really more of a character study when it comes to how the man perceives life and those around around him, not just people, animals too, when there is hardly nobody leftg compared to when there is still everybody there. Writer and director is Ulrich Köhler and it's been quite a while since his last movie before this one here that is I believe his fourth full feature film. Cast does not include any big names. I was pleased to see Wittenborn as he has good presence as always and the lead actor is Hans Löw who you may have come across on "Toni Erdmann" already. He's decent overall I'd say, not bad, but perhaps also slightly underwhelming compared to what could have been given how much screen time he has and how all the focus is on him pretty much from startg to finish. Admittedly the script is not doing him too many favors I must say. It's more about bleakness than about bait, which is fine as well, but then the movie has to deliver in other areas and somehow it really doesn't. The animal scenes were interesting, the dog early on had me glued to the screen and same about everything linked to the goat afterwards. The death of the little goatg shows that there is really no hope for survival and new generations. extinction seems omnipresent and inevitable. This goes well with the comments of the female protagonist and yes there I said it: There is a bit of an Eve in this scenario we have here. Her presence and scenes made the film much better I think, not just because she is pretty stunning physically. There is real convlict at times, real tension and the man's behavior towards her and towards losing her felt very real and authentic. Nonetheless, despite their interesting interaction, this did not save the film by any means. I felt the introduction in the then still civilized world was way too long. Then we witness him witness the loss of mankind and this also felt too long. Good moments there like with the motobikes lying on the street are a rarity. And finally, the film ending when she leaves him and his place and their togetherness was not a great moment for an ending too, even if it again depicts the hopelessness related to future (generations). The problem is not that it is a somewhat unhappy ending, the problem is rather that it is an ending that brought very little to the table in my opinion and felt fairly random. So I must say these almost 10 years since Köhler's previous project are not worth the wait looking at the quality here. The film should have been more poignant and at leastg 15, probably 20-25 minutes shorter with better focus. If you want to see a better film on a similar subject, go for Martina Gedeck's amazing "Die Wand" from a few years ago. That one offers all that's missing here. I give "In my Room" a thumbs-down. Don't watch.

Reviewed by Nethlem 2 / 10 / 10

A simple, yet pointlessly depressing, tale

Man lives in society. Society vanishes. Man meets woman. Woman vanishes. Man forever alone The end. This is one of these movies where the "apocalyptic setting" and "sci-fi" tags are extremely misleading, don't expect anything like that. This story could just as well have been told without all of humanity vanishing, that way it would at least have been way more believable and only 1/10th as depressing. Answers? Explanations? Not in this movie, it's all just an exercise in patience, that ultimately doesn't pay off. Teasing the viewer without ever actually following up with any answers, instead there's a bit of cheap and heavy shock value trough killing off a character we've never actually met, a total of two dogs and a goat kid. I guess for all those people that love their movies slow, depressing and without any conclusion, this will be a great piece of "German cinema". For many others it will just be a pointless drag.

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