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Edy Ganem as Karina Salas
Enrique Castillo as Gilberto Escamilla
Rachele Brooke Smith as Taryn Belle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcclungbrian 1 / 10 / 10

Just the worst

I can't comprehend how a movie this bad could be made in today's day and age. The lead "actor" was terrible... (the worst Jim Carey wannabe you've ever seen), the story was incoherent and they wasted the best part of the entire movie! Chris Kattan! The female leads were trying their best but they weren't given much via the script. What a weird plot line! The rich grandma or whatever saves the day by dying??!!! And why does Drew's hair color change from red to brown over and over? I feel like we got fooled... my partner was in the mood for a romcom, but I should have known better when I saw the opening title sequence. I hadn't seem a generic city scape opening title sequence like that since 2002. What a waste of his friend Kiki and Chris Kattan... I've never wanted my money back more

Reviewed by bvbeaver 7 / 10 / 10

Best romantic comedy in a long time!

This hit the spot in my heart. With the prime error not showing subtitles correctly I watched on another platform but I loved it both times! Without captions made you really feel the characters and not knowing the language. The 2nd time let me pick up on more humor. Don't let prime change your mind on this movie! I'll watch it again and again and again! Couldn't stop laughing and loved the story!

Reviewed by angusking-39998 7 / 10 / 10

Finding love

Boy meets non english speaking Mexican girl, it's only a brief encounter but she gives him her address so.. impulsively, he decides to pay her a visit taking his two buddies along for the ride - Is she the one?. Our tech geek is quite neurotic. He has problems especially when it comes to meeting and talking to women and he's also claustrophobic. In one scene, set in a wine cellar, he feels trapped and begins to panic - amusing? Or maybe not. It's quite a predictable tale. Most of us will soon guess the direction it's going. if your looking for a non-demanding and entertaining ninety minutes this will do nicely.

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