In Our Nature



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Gabrielle Union as General Blazerhatch
Jena Malone as Elizabeth
Zach Gilford as Seth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by flinched 3 / 10 / 10

Out of Focus Drama

A car slowly but surely comes out of a tight parallel parking spot as it bumps each car over and over again. This opening scene foretells the movie in a nutshell. A father and son reunite together unexpectedly for the weekend along with their significant others. Dad's a lawyer, son's a musician. The setting is an old family cabin in the woods where the past becomes present. The movie attempts to create tension between the two family members who haven't seen each other in quite awhile. Don't forget to mix in the lady's problems, one wanting to start a family, the other dealing with a sick mother (both issues barely explored). The tension between the males supposedly spills over into their female relationships. Let the conflict resolution begin. Brief uncomfortable silences pock marked with shouting and melodrama do not a good movie make. Shouting & melodrama by the way that comes in the form of a neat freak yelling at his son over an old messy coffee table. I found myself bored and inattentive to what were supposedly serious moments. In spite of the good acting, the story never really drew me in. Zach Gilford was the least interesting character who held his emotions in so deep it was like he didn't have any to begin with. He delivered his lines with a carefree boredom second only to my own. He didn't even try to act. John Slattery & Jena Malone did the best they could with what little good dialog they were given. I applaud their effort. Good movies capture something personal in the audience member and try to connect to that. Unfortunately this movie resolved nothing and didn't really connect with me. To solve a problem you have to explore it, an exploration that never really took place. There's no meat on the bone, just a foundation for drama with no real emotional bite to it. The father son relationship is strained because dad thinks he's too messy. That's about as much meat you're gonna get. Neat freak dad versus grungy vegan musician son not enough of a meal for me. I cannot recommend this movie when they're clearly far superior dramas that have parallel themes.

Reviewed by sia-san 7 / 10 / 10

Interesting story; relatable.

So, I thought the film was great. It highlights some important issues in families where no one wants to make the first move because they feel that it's not worth the shot. Throughout the film you feel that no character will succumb their self- imposed obstacle, but- when Gil accepted the gas money I felt that there was hope for Gil and Seth's relationship. I enjoyed the film. I guess it was so interesting to me since I understand what Seth feels and by this I can gauge the reactions of the people around him. I would definitely want to see more movies from Brian Savelson after watching "In Our Nature".

Reviewed by olivia806 7 / 10 / 10

Save it for a rainy Sunday, and watch it in bed.

I enjoyed it because I already expected it would be slow and pointless. Undramatic and simple, yet entertaining. A Father and son, arrive at their cottage, each with their girlfriend, thinking they'd have the cabin alone for a romantic weekend getaway, and unpleasantly surprised to find they're not alone. The two couples are at different life stages, with differing life philosophies, forced to spend a weekend together, learning about each other, with first disdain and then later mend and relationships grow. It's alright, not anything spectacular, but it's a nice, slow-paced movie, that centers around a father and son who don't really know much each other.

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