In Pursuit of Honor

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Craig Sheffer as Kenneth
Don Johnson as Wiley Boon
Gabrielle Anwar as Claire Sullivan
Rod Steiger as Stanley Shriner Hoff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drdyer 9 / 10 / 10

Excellently produced and directed.

This is the first film I have seen that accurately depicts the U.S. Army Horse Cavalry during this time period. My father was a trooper in the cavalry during this time period, as an orderly to General Patton (then colonel), another cavalry man. My father's stories reflected this closeness of a trooper and his horse. The film was also accurate in uniforms, saddles, and tack, along with the handling of the horses. Don Johnson's roll of the Sergeant was remarkable, one of his best performances. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in a missed part of our history, and to anyone just wanting to see a very good movie.

Reviewed by Peggy-3 10 / 10 / 10

This film was well done and touched my heart.

The actors (both human and animal) were well cast. The direction of this TV film was excellent. The movie depicted a humane aspect of the military. The soldiers started out with some conflict of personalities and became a "team". They had one goal: SAVE THE HORSES. The horses selected for these roles were well trained and were magnificent animals. Before watching this film, I had a high regard for General Douglas MacArthur. The information given in the film shows another side of the war hero; one not so favorable. The compassion shown by the Calvery soldier to his partner (the horse) was extremely emotional. He was ready to give his life for his "partner". The soldier looked upon the mount as an equal and treated the animal with dignity. I was unaware that when the soldiers and horses went into battle, they were a team; one depending on the other for their survival. The horse was trained to manoeuvre and respond to protect his rider. This is a part of history that remains a secret to most people.

Reviewed by Mr Skoooooter 10 / 10 / 10

A great Film-Almost restores your faith in Human Beings!

I first saw this film completely by chance as I was shoveling my Dad's driveway the winter of 1996. I had turned on the TV in between breaks and went to HBO and it had just started and it was so well done that I watched the whole movie before I went beck out to keep on shoveling the snow. If the film's portrayal of MacArthur was true, he was a real Turd! And the treatment of the World War I veterans by our government shows that nothing much has changed over the past 80 years! But the film itself is a gem! If you love a movie with a corny old good guys vs. bad guys plot that will leave you feeling great at the end, and if you love animals, especially horses, you'll love this film. I have the video and will get the DVD as soon as they nake that - it's that good!!!

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