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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Nice Italian crime flick with ingenious plot that contains surprises , turns , tension and , a suspenseful ending

¨Revolver¨ is an entertaining and thrilling Poliziotteschi , it was retitled "Blood in the Streets" for its American theatrical release . It is an interesting drama/thriller plenty of thrills , taut , intrigue and twists . The picture deals with a prison warden (Oliver Reed who regularly turned-up to the set inebriated) and a small-time crook (Fabio Testi) who is a prisoner at a state penitentiary . As the Italian warden's wife (Agostina Belli) is abducted , and the kidnappers demand that an inmate be released in order for the man to get his wife back . He gets the convict released but then abducts him himself , in order to ensure that the man's compatriots don't murder his spouse . Then , the band sets out to free their colleague and kill the official who took him . At the end it takes place the last battle between crime and the law in the major city in the world : Paris . This is an exciting but complex thriller plenty of emotion , noisy action , car crashes , pursuits , twists and turns . Some actors claim they made his own stunts , as Fabio Testi told that he did nearly all the stunts in the movie himself, including a difficult roof jumping stunt in Milan that the stuntman was unable to do . Very good acting by Oliver Reed as an enraged warden ; however , there had problems because of his alcoholism , as he become difficult to work with . In fact , co-star Fabio Testi also expressed that it was both exciting and difficult to work with Reed due to his alcoholism, and he would become violent on the set on many occasions . Support cast is frankly good , full of European familiar faces such as Frédéric de Pasquale , Marc Mazza , Reinhard Kolldehoff , Bernard Giraudeau , Peter Berling and Salvatore Borghese . Furthermore , two gorgeous Eurotrash actresses : Agostina Belli and Paola Pitagora . Colorful cinematography by Aldo Scavarda , though a perfect remastering being necessary . Special mention for the sensitive and enjoyable musical score composed and arranged by maestro Ennio Morricone ; including a marvelous song : Un Ami Written by Ennio Morricone and Performed by Daniel Beretta . The motion picture was compellingly directed by recently deceased Sergio Sollima , he even choreographed the fight scenes himself because he wanted each character to have a fighting style tailored to their personality . Sergio Sollima's direction is well crafted, here he's less cynical and more inclined toward violence and too much action . Sergio wrote and directed all kinds of genres such as Pirate films as ¨ Sandokan ¨ and the ¨ Black Corsario ¨ ; Peplum : ¨Rocha¨ , "Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators" , "Triumph of the Ten Gladiators" , ¨Ursus¨ "Goliath Against the Giants" ; Euro-spy : "Requiem for a Secret Agent" , "Agent 3S3: Hunter from the Unknown" , ¨Tanger 67¨ ; being especially known for his ¨Cuchillo trilogy¨ : ¨Run Cuchillo run¨, ¨Face to Face¨ , ¨The big Gundown¨. And this ¨Revolver¨ is essential and indispensable watching for Oliver Reed fans . This is a satisfyingly violent and thrilling flick that avid fans of the genre will love .

Reviewed by The_Void 8 / 10 / 10

An excellent example of the genre!

I'm a big fan of Italian crime flicks, but it has to be said that a lot of them are rather similar. That's not the case with Revolver however! Some of these films go off on a bit of a tangent and while in keeping with the elements that make this sort of film what it is (car chases, shootouts etc) deliver something more than the average cop flick, and these are the best of the genre; films such as Almost Human, Street Law and this film. Revolver benefits from a strong plot, two strong leading men and the fact that the film actually has a point to make. The plot focuses on Vito Cipriani; a prison warden and former police officer who finds himself with a choice to make when he is told by criminals that his wife has been kidnapped and the only way he can get her back is to spring crook Milo Ruiz from jail and make the exchange for his wife. Vito is not happy just to take the criminal's word for it, however, and so decides to kidnap the criminal himself before the exchange is made. It also soon becomes apparent that the criminal's aren't playing straight, which leads to an unlikely combination of prisoner and prison warden on the hunt for the warden's wife. Oliver Reed takes the lead role, and I have to say that he should have made more Italian crime flicks! His performance is typically over the top, though he looks completely at home chewing the scenery and swearing his head off, and it's a joy to watch too. Esteemed Polizi star Fabio Testi stars opposite and is the polar opposite of Oliver Reed, which ensures that they make a fascinating pairing on screen. The plot moves at a brisk pace throughout and it never veers very far off course, which is a bonus if you ask me considering how these films often do. There are a few moments where it does slow down a bit too much, and Revolver is just slightly overlong; but as I said, it doesn't get boring so it's not too big a problem. There's less action in this film than the average Polizi flick, but we do still get a couple of decent car chases and there's a fair bit of gunplay too. Oliver Reed's performance really makes up for that anyway, however; the man himself has more impact than any amount of cars and bullets! Perhaps the best thing about this film is the point it has to make; I don't expect much more than entertainment from a Polizi flick, so getting that little bit extra is a nice bonus. Overall, this is certainly one of the better of examples of this genre and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to my fellow Polizi fans.

Reviewed by movieman_kev 8 / 10 / 10

Complex and rewarding

Vito Cipriani (the late great, Oliver Reed) arrives home to make love to his wife afterwards he gets called to quell a prison disturbance. He does, but upon returning home he finds his wife missing. He receives a call ordering him to release a small time crook if he wants his wife back alive. He does, only to kidnap the crook to assure that he gets his wife back.The only other film I saw of Director Sergio Sollima was "Run, Man, Run" which I enjoyed immensely, and I'm glad to say that I enjoyed this one as well. Oliver Reed is good in it, lots of action, and it's a pretty tight thriller. It didn't hurt that I didn't see the ending coming, that's very rare, so it's always a welcome surprise. My Grade: B Blue Underground DVD Extras: a 14 minute spoiler heavy featurette; Poster and stills gallery; Talent Bios; 2 radio spots; and both the international and USA Theatrical trailers

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