Inglourious Basterds


Adventure / Drama / War

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Brad Pitt as Dwight Ingalls
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Quentin Tarantino as Piringo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ablewuzi 10 / 10 / 10

People seem to be missing the point

This review gives everything away, so see the movie first. It is neither allegory nor satire, the two finest categories in both fiction and cinema, and yet it approaches perfection anyway. It is of a nature I have no name for, but it is a nature that reveals truth and undermines falsehoods. Nothing is more cloaked in falsehood than the victor's depiction of past wars. It is especially true of the children of the victors--especially the children of US WWII veterans, like myself. We get our view of the war from movies like Audi Murphy in To Hell and Back or Saving Private Ryan. Nothing but praise for our heroes and cheers for killing the enemy. But QT exposes this hypocrisy by engineering a film where we are disgusted first by the excesses of the enemy and then by the excesses of our heroes. That is the first instance. The hypocrisy is slammed home in the second instance where we are first disgusted by the sight of American after American being shot dead by by a German sniper hero and secondly brought to revel in the butchery of several hundred enemy at the hands of our heroes. Tit for tat. It fits the pattern of praise for our heroes and cheers for killing the enemy, but because it is presented both ways the hypocrisy becomes self- evident. This is why so many people hate the movie--even if they fail to realize it. High art, true art, 10 of 10.

Reviewed by lubchka6 1 / 10 / 10

The beginning of the end

I'm sure if I'd never seen any other movie by Tarantino, I wouldn't be so harsh. But as it stands, This film signals the end of a truly magnificent filmmaker. By far, Tarantino's most cpensive film (more than double kill bill and about 9 times more expensive than Pukp Fiction) and staring box office darling Brad Pitt as a Jewish American warrior, to me, this film represents the end of Tarantino as an independent filmmaker. Also, taking Tarantino'sfamously witty dialogue and setting it at other times in history simply doesn't work! And it especially doesn't work during World War II Nazi Europe. And these characters simply fail and are forgettable. Most of them are uncharacteristically charmless And there is something disgusting about making the most charming character a murdering Nazi. At the end of the day, the worst thing about this movie is that it's simply not good. It makes a lot of promises it doesn't keep. It doesn't really go anywhere or at least no where good or believable. The IMDb rating and all the praise it received is classic "emperor's new clothes". Tarantino is over and this is the turning point. Sent from my iPhone

Reviewed by Hal Guentert 1 / 10 / 10

This Movie Was A Bad Joke About WWII

For those that have studied WWII, and unfortunately, seen real human brains on the ground, this movie is a travesty, a sadistic farce, and a complete waste of time like most of Tarantino's other questionable work. I do admit to liking "Reservoir Dogs" to a point. However, this thing does not even have an original title. I (unfortunately) received this DVD by mistake and see this project as a new low for Brad Pitt and the other actors taking part in this joke of making jews more barbaric than the Nazis. It perpetuates blame on the common German soldiers while covering up the major part US and UK bankers like Prescott Bush had in funding Hitler, as well as, the now confirmed part that British Intelligence had in bringing Hitler and Mussolini to power beginning immediately at the end of WWI. WWII was a complex and tragic event, and the real world history deserves better than this self serving, mythological blood feast served up for fools too lazy to look for the truth and try to prevent a recurrence. History can repeat itself when we become manipulated by propaganda, desensitized to inhumane actions, and self righteous. If you want to look at atrocities, many can argue that Stalin made Hitler and the Nazis look like rank amateurs in the business of murdering innocent people, as well as, the drug crazed gangs of Niger roping off streets with human intestines. Where does it end? We need to be getting the multitude of shadowy intelligence agencies under control and accountability instead of getting a cheap emotional thrill about perpetuating their myths in Hollywood and our capitol cities.

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