Ingrid Goes West


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
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Aubrey Plaza as Riley
Billy Magnussen as Neil Thomas
Elizabeth Olsen as Edie Parker
Wyatt Russell as Jason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bbewnylorac 7 / 10 / 10

A scathing dissection of social media

I switched off my iPhone to watch Ingrid Goes West, and at the end I didn't want to switch it back on. Sure, central character Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) is a psychopath - stalking and manipulating her social media idols until they befriend her, and then causing mass destruction for everyone involved. But she also evokes some sympathy, as a lost and lonely girl, with a poor grasp on reality, who happily clings to Instagram as her only source of love. Her target, blonde California instagram It-girl Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen), is a shallow shell of a girl who has no concept that her breezy internet money making project - posting photos of her sunny, product-heavy life and chatting online to a stream of fake intimate friends - has any consequences in the real world. It's a cardboard cut-out of a world, but to a smitten Ingrid, Taylor is the perfect person. After Ingrid steals Taylor's dog to get the credit for its return, Taylor quickly and unwisely accepts Ingrid as her new BFF. From there, it's a black comedy of errors as Ingrid tries desperately to cling on to Taylor's ultra cool, partying clique, while hiding her rotten soul and her true identity. Ingrid proves willing to assault and lie to anything and everyone in her way. The most poignant victim is her sweet boyfriend Dan (Jackson O'Shea), who is much too trusting and giving to deserve her. She almost destroys him, but like a puppy he sticks with her. The movie's ending is daring and very disturbing, but I thought it makes sense. I laughed, despite the horror. It perfectly summarises the possible dangers of social media, in that creating fake versions of ourselves, and friending hordes of dodgy strangers - or in Ingrid's case, mistaking social media connection for real friendship - can be intoxicating, but also as toxic as rat poison. In the end, Ingrid vows to 'be herself' in future. But that realisation comes without any solid guidance or human support, and having no other aspirations, she's sucked In to playing yet another online obsessive - the victim seeking sympathy. No doubt generating her own deluded stalkers. Her phone is still a menacing weapon of mass destruction. The cycle starts again. I almost screamed - it was like the ending in Notes on a Scandal, where Judi Dench casually latches on to her next victim, like a tiger stalking its prey.

Reviewed by Lugo1989 9 / 10 / 10

More than you would expect

The plot line and comedy/drama categorisation do not reveal much when it comes to this film. It is a good thing since it offers more than you would hope for. I would say it is more of a drama than a comedy, there are some quite serious issues covered in this story. Aubrey Plaza is great as Ingrid, she managed to find a nice balance between being unhinged, vulnerable, obsessed and yet her familiar facial expressions will sometimes still make you laugh. I believe that the obsession with social media was portrayed nicely here, I am sure you all know or knew someone who is practically glued to their phone and can't imagine lasting a day without it. Instagram, Facebook and other media can really make a person feel a bit depressed since everyone seems happy all the time, they eat at nice restaurants, travel to nice places, go to great parties where in reality it is all a bit phony which is another thing that this film shows. There are not many people who would post something sad because they are having a bad day or are going through a rough patch, the fear of being judged is always present and it would break the balance of everything being seemingly perfect with everyone. If you combine that with a troubled personality or a mental illness, the results can be pretty bad. And that basically describes Ingrid. It is a solid indie film with good performances and something to think about.

Reviewed by KrazyJoke 9 / 10 / 10

Unknown Gem!

This movie that went under everyone's radar is an actual decent movie with decent acting and a decent plot ! Aubrey Plaza delivers one of 2017 best performances ! Plaza in only the 10 first minutes of the movie, showed us completly who exaclty was her characters and acted so many emotions in only 10mins from Happy to depressed she did it all in 10mins! The rest of the cast is great espicially from an unkown star who is actually Ice Cube son, O'Shea Jackson Jr. delivered an amazing and hilarious and sweet performances who deeply showed such how of a good person his character Dany was. This whole movies deals with problems we live today, like how much would a person do for fame or to be friends with someone popular, how the social-media changes our lifes and how fake the social media actually are. Plus the movie doesnt feel too long or too boring, its runtime is great and the performances and characters are so good the'll keep you watching ! Excellent movie that should of never been under the radar since it's an amazing and brillant film that deserves to get noticed and seen !

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