Inherent Vice


Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 82,084


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April 14, 2019


Jena Malone as Angie Bowie
Owen Wilson as Luke Sanderson
Reese Witherspoon as Dani Trant
Sasha Pieterse as Amy Loubalu
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teepfau 6 / 10 / 10


Great score by Greenwood but strange use of existing songs. The play very long through various sequences and don't seem to follow any deep purpose. E.g. Can's Vitamin C.

Reviewed by KalKenobi83 2 / 10 / 10

A Fascinating Take on Doping Culture From Paul Thomas Anderson

Watched Inherent Vice featuring Joaquin Phoenix(Gladiator ) as Larry "Doc" Sportello. Also Featuring Josh Brolin(True Grit)as Det. Christian F. "Bigfoot" Bjornsen ,Owen Wilson(The Grand Budapest Hotel) as Coy Harlingen,Katherine Waterston(Michael Clayton) as Shasta Fay Hepworth, Reese Witherspoon(Walk The Line) as Penny Kimball , Benicio Del Toro(Traffic) as Sauncho Smilax, Jena Malone(The Hunger Games:Catching Fire) as Hope Harlingen.Joanna Newsom(Portlandia) as Sortilege,Michael K.Williams(12 Years A Slave) as Tariq Kahlil, Maya Rudolph(The Way Way Back) as Petunia Leeway, Hong Chau(Market Hours) as Jade, Martin Short(Three Fugitives) as Rudy Blatnoyd, Sasha Pieterse(Pretty Little Liars) as Japonica Fenway and Eric Roberts(The Dark Knight) as Michael Z. "Mickey" Wolfmann.The Film was Interesting to say the least it was the character of Doc was interesting as Hippie Doper and Private Investigator he goes on a crazy case trying to discover where his ex-girlfriend Shasta disappeared to it is not a Solidified story line its kinda all of the place also it show's a perspective of a Doper in a Good way though great performances from everyone and Del Toro's Character even though he had a Small role also the characters were Layered and Yet Quirky also really loved the 1970's setting Overall A Fascinating take on Doping Culture From Paul Thomas Anderson .Great Production design from David Crank(Lake City) fantastic costume design from Mark Bridges(Silver Linings Playbook) , Musical By Jonny Greenwood(There Will Be Blood),Cinematography By Robert Elswitt(Nightcrawler) Amazing Writing/Direction from Paul Thomas Anderson(The Master). Overall A Fascinating take on Doping Culture From Paul Thomas Anderson 9/10

Reviewed by mick-137 2 / 10 / 10

The Big Lebowski meets Chinatown, but they don't get on

It must have seemed like a good idea to translate 1940s noir to the 1970s, replacing Marlowe and his quart of Old Forester with Doc and his quarter of Red Leb. And in the right hands it might have worked. Sadly it doesn't work here. The film has its moments, but a lot of the devices are too literary to work on the screen. The characters aren't interesting or engaging and there just isn't enough entertainment in the moment by moment unfolding of the plot. At the end of the film the problem is not so much that you don't know what happened as that you don't care.

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