Inside the Manson Cult: The Lost Tapes



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Reviewed by jackrippertripper 4 / 10 / 10


Any one that has followed the Manson cult and its zany followers knows that in the mid 70's a home movie surface called The Manson Women. The movie contains interviews withe left over hold outs from the family; gypsy, squeaky, Mary, and others explaining how Manson loves everyone and that the family will stay together etc etc. The awful dramatization of charlie meeting Dennis Wilson is so fake and terrible. Producers seem to forget, Manson was 5 feet 6 inches, the actor portraying Manson, is well over the height of the other actors. Pure exploitation, absolutely nothing new, interview with Peter Coyote, the actor adds nothing to the narrative and comes across fake. The manson girls was released on vhs in the early days of the video boom with the creepy manson singing as background noise while hippies danced naked which they don't show in this lame piece of new information. Don't waste your time. In fact I believe the "lost" film is posted on YouTube .

Reviewed by opieandy-1 1 / 10 / 10

Not much new

"The Lost Tapes" is an odd title for tapes that are clearly found. And the 2-hour time slot, which I would estimate resulted in maybe 80 minutes of content sans commercials, was far too much. The show also had a fairly plodding documentary style. I learned a few things as someone with a casual knowledge of this saga. Others may learn nothing new. Current interviews with a few cult members add to the re-telling. The repeated use of a few clips is annoying and indicates that content is lacking. Altogether, a fairly lackluster effort.

Reviewed by baoboa 1 / 10 / 10

Lost what?

The show opens with a "dramatization" segment and a civil rights expert and goes downhill from there. Supposedly, over a 100 hours of lost never before seen tape is proclaimed.. instead we get a film containing half dramatizations, part interviews with unknown useless "experts" interjecting PC opinions, and the same rehashed footage that has been used over and over again in every documentary related to this case. Some of the interviews with former members are kind of interesting I guess, but what do you expect them to say.. its all "It was a different time back then and we were young impressionable, brainwashed and on drugs"... duh. Alrighty then. Add to that the censorship of language (and even many Manson family members faces are blurred out) and absolutely no nudity or gory photos (again dramatizations are used in place of actual film and case files).. um, hello?! Have the people behind this film not watched TV in the past decade? Nudity, gore and foul language are common place on prime time network public TV dramas today ffs.. not that I personally want or need that stuff for a show to be credible, but when its a serious and famous case study like this, with precious groundbreaking "lost film", to censor it just doesn't make any "sense" at all. We're adults, we're used to the "stuff", show us the unedited footage or dont bother making a damn film about it. Sheesh. Now that Manson is dead and gone, I am sure there are other documentary films in the works that will eventually surface.. hopefully, they get it right this time by focusing on facts, actual film and case files, interviews with the key people still alive etc., because this one is far far too dumbed down. EDIT: Answered my own question regarding the censorship... this is a Fox and "Naked" entertainment production, both of which are guilty of entirely unnecessary nudity and language in shows they've produced.. so why they chose to censor this is simply beyond baffling and absolutely hilarious!

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