Insidious: Chapter 3

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael DePasquale 2 / 10 / 10

This prequel belongs in the further

Insidious 3 relies on the heavy theme coping with loss, starting within the characters and extending directly to the viewers. Quinn has lost her mother and launches the plot forward because of her attempts to contact her. Quinn's father has lost his wife and has trouble coping with the fact that he has to parent his two children alone; throughout the movie, he also seems as if he's lost his motivation for each scene, leading to the inability to cope with the emotions in which he should deliver each line. Elise is everyone's favorite psychic, and she herself has some loss as well. Her husband committed suicide, and she decides to abandon her gift after the attempts at contacting him lead to a woman threatening her with death. She also loses her husband's sweater, and that kind of stinks for her. It smelled just like him. The demon taking a hold of Quinn has lost the ability to breathe, and has trouble really expressing himself except for a kind, tender moment he has at the end stroking the face of a semi-corporeal Quinn within the further world. Quinn loses her ability to walk. Quinn has a brother whose only purpose in this film is to suggest an introduction of two familiar characters to the series or else the audience would feel cheated if they never showed up. Her brother loses his chance to be involved in the ending. The screenwriter couldn't take on the challenge of including him in any meaningful way. That's where the loss and coping effect starts to happen with the audience. We are introduced to characters that show up and never return. Quinn's friend, it seems like her best friend, just disappears halfway through. Quinn's love interest, the last we hear of him he is staying at his grandma's house. Poor Jeris Poindexter loses his wife, and we never see him interact with the plot in any meaningful way. The director/screenwriter gives and takes away. What is the point in shoehorning characters in the plot that do nothing? This movie is so incredibly lazy. This movie is so incredibly manipulative. Atmosphere is replaced with silence which is ear wrenchingly interrupted with jump scares. So many jump scares: the bane of modern horror. People who watch this won't get scared, they'll get startled. And the sentiment isn't a result from caring about the characters, it's from the director/screenwriter pulling on a social milieu of losing a loved on; we as an audience, as human beings, sympathize with this complete base feeling of loss as we internally direct how we would feel if we lost a mother or a wife. This is emotional manipulation on the part of the director/writer. Emotional pandering at its worst. We as an audience feel the loss of losing any character development within the plot, especially for those side characters. They are excess weight holding down this movie. We lose any meaningful shot composition, and are left with flat camera angles. We lose any character development, no one really learns anything except that we should really avoid trying to talk to dead people. Let's hope this is the last remnants of the awful jump scare movies. An audience deserves a cold and articulate atmosphere.

Reviewed by Henrique Ribeiro F 3 / 10 / 10


I do not understand , It had everything to be a success ... ruined the saga with the third film . The first and second were divine , this only mediocre ... I am extremely disappointed . The suspense of the first films already gone. The soundtrack is not equal . And my god ! What the hell did the production to the demon ? It was pathetic ! I became fan in the first film , but today I feel robbed. The film could actually be better . I feel that the production made ​​things running. I expected an improvement in special effects. Not that got worse. I hope that the fourth film is well crafted. I would like to hear again the violins . I would like to see the sudden shadows again

Reviewed by golshan-milad 3 / 10 / 10

Jump scares here...jump scares there...

This movie is ruined by the abundance of cheap and LOUD jump scares. The first movie was heavily favored by horror fans because it didn't rely on these cheap tactics but the mood and music to set the scene for you, here you get all sorts of jump scares and I find it quite disappointing.

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