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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bgsmoove 4 / 10 / 10

That 10/10 rating is definitely from family probably.

This movie had so much potential. I don't know if they ran out of money or what. Very creepy, but man they blew it!

Reviewed by beccaboo-99800 3 / 10 / 10

My first review, and the first time i've ever felt compelled to tell people to walk away now!

This is without doubt the worst horror movie I have ever seen. I watch horror movies, every day, and I always watch to the end in case I miss the point, however terrible the movie appears. I regret watching to the end of this one. Zero redeeming features, zero story and horrible acting. Don't even waste another second of your life considering it!

Reviewed by stephendlancaster 3 / 10 / 10

Don't believe the hype

You will fall asleep. It is like somebody tried to make a horror movie but really didn't know how. There is barely any inkling of anything horror in this movie. It is mostly about a stoner who sleepwalks after a Ouija board session links him to a girl in a coma. Nobody dies. No gore. There isn't a single real threat in the movie at all. It's just two drunk guys and their girlfriends, one who sleepwalks, the other who is trying to figure out why, and a girl living above them in a coma. The girls freak out at seeing the roommate sleepwalking because he talks in his sleep. That's the apex of the "horror." Why a cello is in the artwork I will never know. There is one scene with a cello laying on a couch and that's it. So much of this movie leaves you scratching your head. The writer attempted to be deep, but failed miserably. It is a mess. "Scary" music was placed over scenes in an attempt to create tension, but even that failed. A lot of it was just out of place and there for no reason. It took a lot for me to finish the movie. I read two great critic reviews (which must have been bought or the people involved knew them) and kept hoping the movie was going to flip into something amazing. I was wrong. I typically won't call a movie boring, but I have no choice here. You might call this movie a light thriller made for television for stoner teenagers. But horror, deep, and full of smart layers it is not. Absolutely zero is explained as to why the Ouija caused the connection and sleepwalking, why the girl upstairs is in a coma, and where they are going in the end. I gave it three stars because the first few minutes of the movie with the Ouija actually set up what could have been a decent movie, but then the rest of the movie happens.

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