Interpreters: a C & Earth Chronicle - quantum 1


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carlos-pires 2 / 10 / 10

Too long, too little, too bad

This is a 2 hour movie in which the whole plot is revealed in 20 seconds by an hologram, some 10 minutes before the end... The movie is full of pointless and boring sequences that have zero value to advance the plot or the characters. All other sequences are mostly boringly longer than they should be. I blame this on lazy screenwriting and lack of editing experience. Looks like it started off with an interesting concept, but then... they ruined it completely with subpar movie-making skills. The whole movie looks like it was made by a cinema student trying too hard to show that he can make movies like a grown-up, with lots of directing clichés, such as 4-shot sequence of guys exiting their cars, complete with close-up on the guys boots next to the car door, and lots of bad dialogue. I can't understand why people with no talent try to do indie movies. The first thing you need to really nail it is a great script, and that's the thing for which you don't need a big budget. But you do need talent and hard work. There are a couple of good actors in this one, but there's really nothing else worth mention. I actually could tell this was going to be a dud right from the start. A lousy music score is always a sure sign that a movie is going to suck. Only talentless directors and producers can put up with a lousy music score. There is no cure for sloppy writing and no antidote for lack of talent. I suggest the director finds another way to make a living. He's in the wrong business.

Reviewed by pubquiz 6 / 10 / 10

A Better Indie Sci-Fi than most

The current rating (when posting) of 3.2 is lower than it desires for a number of reasons. It's packed with actor's who at least can act and have had roles in a lot of shows you will know and probably have seen It has a half decent story line which most "B" rate indies don't have And the studio has not paid their staff and actors to come on these sites to post unbelievable praise and give it maximum ratings Well worth a watch, so long as you like a bit of Sci-fi!

Reviewed by surfingnaked1 6 / 10 / 10

Not bad

You gotta like sci-fi for this . It's not just abrams but pretty good little indie sci-fi

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