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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ivanbaran 10 / 10 / 10

Original and without cliches, thought provoking art piece.

With a limited budget (and limited lifespan) one can do only so much. When resources are finished, only thing that can be used as fuel is creativity. This film is wonderfully creative and unique, so much so that it seems as if you've entered Joseph playground. Keep in mind that this is Joseph first movie ever. All of his other works are documentaries and music videos. As a musician and maker of documentaries, he has done one hell of a job with this. It is not the same thing to do something basically alone (like Zeitgeist) or in synergy with tens of other people like in this movie and Joseph has approached it, in my opinion, wisely. You wont be "a new Kubrick" and if you try to approach a film meticulously, you will fail. However, you can approach a film, even if it's your first one, creatively. That is something no professor can teach you. Joseph has chosen to be creative and it has paid off. This is a movie that one should watch multiple times to understand. For a short attention spanned average Joe, I'm sure this piece will be a torture for eyes. But for anyone who wants food for thought, a movie that will actually stick with him, give him a lasting message, not just entertain him, this a movie to watch. If you want to be entertained, play yourself some Avengers. There are loads of high budget films for kids that will tell you nothing. But if you want an art piece, you are at the right place. At times, Interreflections felt a lot like Baraka and Samsara, At other times it just felt like watching into animated painting. It's full of symbols and hidden gems. It makes you feel at times like a child in a intellectual way, if that makes sense. This is a movie that professors could watch to relax, as opposed to other films whose relaxation come at the price of losing the sanity. For someone who has watched basically everything the man ever produced, it felt relaxing. I'm sure if Joseph used Interreflections script and made it into Zeitgeist 4 with his baritone voice, nobody would complain, it would get millions of views and then we continue buisness as usual, but I like seeing a man trying this different kind of approach. And I guess after almost 7 hours of talking into microphone about money and structual violence in his Zeitgeist trilogy, guy deserves to sit behind a camera a bit and let others do the talking. Joseph is probably tired of saying the same things over and over again so now he used art as a language. And with art you can say "structural violence" in billion different ways. Anyways, only problem with the movie was - I know, I know, Pete, you saw it coming, sit down - complete lack of mentioning Jacque. But its ok. Movie has only so much screen time, and mentioning Jacque would probably require to change a script a bit. After all, genre is "fantasy". Peter Joseph is my favorite film maker. And if his next work will be Zeitgeist 4 or Interreflections II or some other name, I will watch it.

Reviewed by charlieshread 10 / 10 / 10


What I loved about Zeitgeist Moving Forward is that there were many voices of people who brought their own way of speaking, their own perspective and insights and then there was a lot of time spent on a possible solution to many issues: The Venus Project. Over the last few years since, I've become disenfranchised by the allure of the naïve vision, though I still agree with developing an open source commons of resource sharing somehow. Interreflections, by contrast, is just one voice: Peter Joseph for 2 hours and 45 minutes. This whole confused film feels like one badly structured essay spoken by a few random actors to give the illusion of diverse voices, covering that fact that this is clearly a single minded ego train of one man. There were moments I enjoyed - I liked it when he made references to real research, especially when talking about inequality. And I kind of enjoyed some moments in "the great debate". I must give credit to the incredible effort put into the special effects and obviously the huge amount of time and work put in to create this film. Overall, I didn't hate the film, but let's be clear, it was bad. It was jarring, slow and confusing. Almost the entire film was unstructured cynicism with the last 5 minutes for "the solution" - a city that magically appears out of nowhere and is loosely based on a resource based economy, though is incredibly shallow because there is literally only 5 minutes to briefly introduce a slice of utopia and even more naïve than the Venus Project because this wonderful city just literally gets plopped into the ocean by some group of futuristic activists. I mean seriously. I thought this would be like a development from Moving Forward, but it was a serious step back. If Peter Joseph wants to stay relevant he needs to connect with the real world, not retreat further into cynicism and hide behind a totally shallow veil of utopia.

Reviewed by dogalx 10 / 10 / 10

This film totaly worth it

Its a masterpiece. I agree that the average Joe, wich is not familiar with Peter work, should wach it multiple times to understand it. But its probably the best movie, wich explains our current world (situation). This should be seen by everybody. Its an educational work of art. Hopefully it will open the eyes of the masses. And I also think Jacque Fresco should have been mentioned in the film. The men spent his entire life trying to make this world a better place. Hope we get a second part.

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