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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teutonfirst 4 / 10 / 10

Buffled by ratings I had to watch it.

And boy was I bored to death... Good filming, most of the main actors acted well, but I never saw such dramatization since Bollywood soap opera. The fact that the story is told backwards doesn't help at all. CGI were pretty ok, but the director wanted to make movie AND art at the same time and of course failed like many others. It takes time to make a good movie and tons of experience to make art. This one failed at both.

Reviewed by focusedgaze 2 / 10 / 10

Not the rubbish fire I was anticipating

I'm almost disappointed. Based on some of these reviews, I was expecting a new cinematic low, but Intersect never got there. Commenters claiming the acting is wooden or dull probably didn't watch the movie. If anything, the actors are a little emotive and melodramatic at times. All in all, though, i thought Intersect was good. It was interesting and held my attention and I was entertained...and that's basically what I look for in a movie.

Reviewed by dtykix 2 / 10 / 10

Hard to Follow

When you watch a movie there are many things we take for granted until you experience something this bad. The premise for the movie is the only reason I have it two stars and the fact that I was able to get though it without turning it off. But, in the interest of full disclosure I did get on the computer during the last 30 minutes to look up a camera lens... Bad acting Story did not develop well Ending was obviously an afterthought There were times in the sequence of events where you couldn't really gauge the period because they did not differentiate the actors well enough. It was just bad.

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