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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ebbets-field 10 / 10 / 10

A little-known gem

This virtually perfect little movie, shot inexpensively and even using some amateurs in the cast, deserves far greater exposure -- it's not even on video. Here is a wry yet sympathetic look at the human condition, and also the great role that music (in many forms) can play in life. If only the US film industry could recast itself to be able to produce truly genuine works like Intimate Lighting.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 4 / 10 / 10

"People prefer to have a good cry than a good laugh."

With the Eastern European viewing challenge being in full flow on ICM,I decided to go searching on eBay for titles from UK company Second Run (SR). Aware of his name in connection to the work of Milos Forman, I was happy to stumble on a SR DVD of Ivan Passer's film,which led to me dimming the lights. View on the film: His lone Czech title before he fled the title for the US,co-writer/(with Jaroslav Papousek and Václav Sasek) director Ivan Passer plates up a delightful slice of tale, trimmed with Czech New Wave (CNW) stylisation. Going down to a small village, Passer casts an affectionate atmosphere in the fading white colouring making the film look like fading photos, and giddy whip-pans following the humours antics of the locals.Taking a different path to the usual "City man goes to rural town" set-up, the writers keep the comedy richly Folk music flavoured, in wit coming from the small town musicians trying to perform professionally and the mishaps of locals during daily routines. Keeping quiet from the crew that he was ill, (he passed away 6 weeks after filming) Karel Blazek brings a wonderful hearty humane quality to Bambas,which pours out as he and Peter (a very good Zdenek Bezusek) share their love of music under intimate lighting.

Reviewed by RodrigAndrisan 4 / 10 / 10


The film before "Born to Win" (made in the USA in 1971), which is very good, this "Intimate Lighting" made in 1965 in Czechoslovakia, is good, very natural but also very boring and totally uninteresting. Without a proper action, just talking and talking in a house, several characters who say only their commonalities. In the role of Stepa, Vera Kresadlová, the wife of the great Milos Forman. The film made by Ivan Passer before this "Intimate Lighting" it's called "A Boring Afternoon", a short film with a very suggestive title...

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