Invasion Planet Earth


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Jon Campling as Tom Dempsey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by artur-niedzielski 1 / 10 / 10

Everything gone wrong...

I don't even try understand what kind of vision has a director of this... I don't even know how to call it. My eyes burns. Everything in this "movie" is so bad. Starting form scenario, acting, CGI... Someone should definitely change his job here... quickly. And bury or burn every copy of this crap. And forget...

Reviewed by TheTopDawgCritic 2 / 10 / 10


This was just horrible. I've seen a 5th grade drama class produce better writing. How did this even make it to any screen? I really tried to give it the benefit of the doubt, accepting the fact it's filmed as a 1970's S/VFX quality film, but the writing half way through just made me annoyed. Sad, because it could've easily passed as an adequate retro sci-fi flick. A generous 3/10 from me

Reviewed by madsyy 2 / 10 / 10


I have a thing for disaster movies or be it alien/space movies. Honestly I do not have any expectations from this one. You know something on the lines of all those Asylum movies would suffice for me. But this is just beyond worst. I rarely ever ever give up on a movie midway no matter how crap it is but for this one at around 45min mark, I just lost my patience. The trivia says that it took many years for the team to bring it out. While its a commendable fact that they did not give up on their dream project or whatev, am sorry to say the final output is not digestible at any level.

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