Iron Cowboy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markbulman-84090 9 / 10 / 10


This guy and his family faced an unbelievable challenge, doing something that had never been done before, while receiving extreme criticism from some quarters over minor technicalities. There will always be nay sayers whenever someone chooses to do something extraordinary, but to continue in the face of such negativity, through sheer will is a credit to the people involved and a true reflection of what is possible with belief. Whatever your stance, you can't take away what an amazing achievement this was. Truly inspirational. I take my hat off to James and his crew. Good on you guys!

Reviewed by rossmcdoss 7 / 10 / 10

One big ego stroke

I usually enjoy the type of challenges which push the body to its absolute limits, i am also a fan of other fitness related documentaries such as "The fittest on earth" series and controversial ones like "Icarus" and "The Armstrong Lie". But for some reason i found it very difficult to like this guy after the first 10 minutes or so. Its clear that he takes himself very seriously but it is also clear that he is his own biggest fan. Everything and everyone in the movie feels secondary to this mans personal crusade of "look how tough i am". The charity aspect of the movie also feels secondary and almost thrown together at the last minute to try and give the challenge more meaning instead of being a reason for starting the challenge in the first place. Its still an amazing achievement to accomplish and he should be commended for raising money for charity but at the end it just felt like it was all about him.

Reviewed by maureag 7 / 10 / 10

Earned it

I'm a bit taken back by the comments. Watched the documentary and found myself inspired. The choice to take on an endeavor of a 50/50/50 does take a certain amount of courage/ego/insanity. James, his wife, his five kids all sacrificed for their own reasons. There are snippets of their lives captured at various stages of the journey and if you pay close attention, life changing and bonding. Throughout the story, he involved his children from plotting his course to embracing each of them at the end of the journey. It is something they will never forget - especially the moment when he wants to give up and channels a conversation with his daughter and how she is inspired by his journey and builds a dream of her own. I will likely never do an ironman but this inspired me to up my game and do something challenging and out of the box. Ego or not, he earned $75K (75% of his goal) and proved to me and I'm sure others his heart and head are in the right place. Fabulous work James, Sunny, their kids, the crew and those who encouraged this man on his journey when he almost gave up. Watch!

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