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Carol Kane as Talia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jakegest 9 / 10 / 10

Unable to understand vast dislike

I am aware of much of the criticism this movie received. Basically that it was awful and not worth seeing. To all those who have said such words I just have to ask, what movie were you watching? In my opinion Ishtar was a wonderful movie. It's about two grown men, whose only dream is to become great musicians but are so horrible that no one will have them but the tourist industry in Morocco. All the songs that these two, Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman, sing are written by Elaine May and I found them to be simply hysterical. Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman make a great team, with humor vaguely reminiscent of Woody Allen. This is one of the only movies in which you get to see Warren act in such a way. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone despite its poor reviews.

Reviewed by BigMarty-3 1 / 10 / 10

A truly under-rated film.

I have never understood the seemingly universal disapproval of this fine film. Is it "Reds"?...No. Is it "Rain Man"?...No. Was it intended to be?...Of course not. Ishtar is a comedy of the first measure. Start with two struggling musicians trying to make it big, who find themselves trapped in a circle of espionage and intrigue in a far away land. Include some of the funniest text ever written for the big screen. Add two of the greatest actors of our day, Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty, (both of whom are playing characters that could not be farther from the traditional roles that these actors have played, which was, I'm sure, a challenge in and of itself) and throw in a blind camel for good measure, and you have the recipe for a cinema classic. If this film had managed to avoid the negative press that it received early on, it would have gone done in history as one of the great comedies of the 1980's. Now, everyone wants to be on the "I hate Ishtar" bandwagon. It is truly unfortunate that this film has not received the credit that it deserves. "Ishtar" is not the most under-rated film ever, but it may be close.

Reviewed by joachimokeefe 1 / 10 / 10

Dustin Hoffman defeated by a dreadful script and a dumb co-star

Two middle-aged(?) amateur songwriters, who are terrible songwriters and even worse musicians, are mistaken for revolutionary Arabic leaders foretold in a mystical map, when they accept the only gig they're offered, in Morocco. That's sort of it: Bing Crosby and Bob Hope did much the same thing in the forties, except they had disciplined writers and directors, funny jokes, and star leading ladies. Elaine May was the writer and director here - she had been the partner in a 50's impro comedy duo with Mike (The Graduate) Nicols. After Ishtar, she didn't direct for 29 years, and here's why. Was much of Ishtar improvised? I don't care enough to find out, but it certainly feels like it. Then only jokes are the awful songs they write and perform. Warren Beatty acts completely stupid - well he doesn't act, he just appears to be completely stupid. Dustin Hoffman almost gets his deluded narcissistic would-be playboy off the ground, but you can see he's struggling, not least with Beatty's complete inability to make his character remotely funny, and a script that has less tension than an episode of Power Rangers. The absence of chemistry between Hoffman and Beatty is the least of Ishtar's problems. If Ishtar was backslang it would be Ishtay.

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