It Was Fifty Years Ago Today... Sgt Pepper and Beyond


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May 11, 2020



George Harrison as George / Magician Looking Through Telescope
John Lennon as Self
Paul McCartney as Paul / Major McCartney / Brown Nosed Magician
Ringo Starr as Richard B. Starkey / Talkative Magician
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by antoniotierno 5 / 10 / 10

very strange without a note...

Why making a doc regarding a music album (one of the best known in music history) without having the music? This film about The Fab Four must cope with this lack and the outcome is disappointing, totally. With no access to songs and films of them in the studio, the result isn't pretty, given that the stories have been told, written and explained million of times. Things thus standing a much shorter footage might have been enough. On the other hand that's the 50th anniversary and another movie had to be expected after the Ron Howard's one but this one is only for Beatlemaniacs.. overlong also the finale devoted to Brian Epstein's death.

Reviewed by bettycjung 5 / 10 / 10

Just listen to the LP/CD

10/13/17. We are talking about one of Rock's greatest LP of all time, and this documentary doesn't even play any of it? Fifty years ago today? The legacy is in the music itself, not all this gibberish! A discussion of the inspiration for the songs that were on the LP would have been a lot more interesting to listen to and add to the enjoyment of the music than the reminiscing of - who are these people??? Don't even bother with this one, just listen to the LP - really.

Reviewed by neil-476 5 / 10 / 10

Cash-in talking heads

The 50th anniversary of the Sgt Pepper album sees this lengthy documentary appear. It centres on the album but gives background, dating back to the Jesus controversy, and follows on as far as the Maharishi and Epstein's death. There is newsreel footage, mostly familiar, talking heads telling stories (stories mostly familiar, some of the talking heads less frequently exposed), and no Beatles music whatsoever. This is usually the case with projects not sanctioned by Apple, but it really diminishes them. As a long term Beatles fan, I watch this sort of thing in the hope of picking up the odd titbit (Barbara Donnell's story of having to step over Derek Taylor mid-coitus on the floor of one of the Apple offices was new to me), or otherwise hearing the familiar stories told be fresh voices - Julia Baird, Andy Peebles, Jenny Boyd, Philip Norman etc.). From that angle, there is some value to this. Otherwise there is little new here.

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