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Elissa Dowling as Dr. Taddish
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 3 / 10 / 10

It Is Pretty Bad

"It Watches" is a story about a friend, who is recovering from some sort of accident, who is asked to house sit for a friend. The house sits somewhere in the Hollywood Hills and is full of mannequins, parts of mannequins, and has an overall bad vibe to it. Still, it's IN the Hollywood Hills, so had bad can it be? Cameras are everywhere (you don't know why), and Andre always feels like he is being watched, and he has good reason to feel this way. This is all I'll say about the plot. What follows is...confusion. The movie does a decent job up to a point and then it just falls apart. Those involved with the film seemed to "just want to get it over," so they hurl everything at the audience at one time, introduce characters which do nothing but let you in the on the movie's "secret," and then it ends. Poor execution all the way around. Rated "R" for brief nudity, language, and violence, this one was pretty bad.

Reviewed by kjjames81 1 / 10 / 10

So wrong on all levels

Okay just watched this or should I say that I just wasted an hour and twenty on this trash, yes it was bad. Started off week enough, a friend watches a house for a mate over the weekend and the house is meant to be haunted. Well by the 45th minute you will have worked out the plot without any problem and that my dear reader is the whole problem with this film. It all goes down hill when a neighbor calls round and then the film had no hope of ever recovering. They should have kept the neighbor out of it, his over acting and swearing spoiled the film totally. As for the main actor who went from a glasses wearing humble guy who takes a shower and then becomes a swearing, no glasses smooth talking guy, that was another bad decision from the film makers.

Reviewed by kingjoneva 1 / 10 / 10

What a stinker...

This was such a waste of my time that it made me wish I had a time machine that would enable me to go back 1 hour and twenty minutes to get that part of my life back. The premise of this movie was so promising; a man with no memory house sitting in a creepy home in the Hollywood Hills. But that's pretty much where the accolades must end. From that point on its pretty much downhill. The acting was horrible, the camerawork was shoddy, the sound sucked, and the script went completely off the rails. The plot twist was barely a twist, it wasn't even a slight turn. Save your time and energy for something else.

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