Jab Tak Hai Jaan


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by houghtonconnor17 7 / 10 / 10

A Movie of Two Acts: Unfortunately Only one of Them is Any Good

Yash Chopra's last cinematic outing left me feeling somewhat conflicted, but I would still recommend it as a watch for any fan of Yashji. First I would like to elucidate the moving and effective parts of the film before I go on to the major critique. Firstly, the performances from all of the actors were at least at par with their previous work, and I thought Shah Rukh, in his role as a Major in the Indian army was one of the best of his career. In addition, the cinematography and the songs in the movie were both enchanting and involving. The story is very compelling and (though a touch filmy) gets the viewer involved in the struggle between the characters very well, a feature that is common to most of Yashji's work in any case. On to the negative aspects. While the story is engaging, the character development is somewhat confusing. We get to see the change in Shahrukh over time from a carefree worker in London to a cold and calculating soldier carefully orchestrated over time, and yet Katrina's character is portrayed in a very nebulous light. She takes her relationship with God very seriously in some areas, but in others it seems to be at the back of her mind if it is there at all. Normally I would attribute this to Kaif's lack of depth in acting ability, but in this case she cannot be entirely to blame as she was at least adequate in the role she was given. The second major problem is that the antagonist, God, is never portrayed (if He could be at all) in a very distinctive light. It would be giving away plot points to say exactly why, but suffice it to say that Chopra did not seem to have the heart to actually portray a fight against God, and so the effort of making him the only true antagonist seems to be halfhearted. Finally, in the final third of the movie, a somewhat shady tactic is used in order to propel the story forward. While I have seen worse devices used in Bollywood films, it did seem like a somewhat cheap ploy to utilize in order to move forward. This does seem to somewhat distance the audience from the actual plight of the characters and further seems to muddy Katrina Kaif's role in the film. Overall, I would not call this a terrible movie by any stretch and certainly a beautiful film to watch, but if there is any lesson to take away from this film (other than for Shahrukh Khan not to go on the streets in London) is to keep it simple and that emotion can only go as far as reality allows it.

Reviewed by vivek-ramasha 7 / 10 / 10

His last and his best..

Amazong plot, great direction and brilliant acting is what that sum up to a good movie. JTHJ had all three of them. Being one of the most anticipated Bollywood movie of the year(SRK's only movie), audiences had high hopes. I doubt any of them would have been disappointed. From the very beginning to the end, it was terrific. Three best thing about this movie were its plot, A. R. Rahman's music and SRK. His acting was brilliant, but that's hardly a surprise. Katrina, after a long time since Namastey London, has given a convincing role. Her chemistry with SRK was great. But even with her relatively small role, I think Anushka Sharma came on top with her acting and unmatched facial expressions. Movie isn't predictable...at all. You'll keep guessing how its going to end and it will surprise you. Its unpredictability is another factor you won't find anybody yawning. Summ- One of the best romantic movie to ever been made. Do NOT miss it. I would give it 11 on10, but that will be a wee bit difficult. Mr. Yash Chopra's last movie is probably his best. RIP Sir!

Reviewed by rsabnis1 7 / 10 / 10

Romance : Immortal Forever

Directed by the late Yash Chopra, the film doesn't cease to impress the romantic movie lovers and of course SRK fans. People go in with some expectations of a 'Yash Chopra' type of romance and are not disappointed at all. It begins with a fearless army officer Samar moving all along Kashmir diffusing bombs without tinge of fear in his mind. The story flies in flashback after the audience is well settled for the movie. Shah Rukh Khan handles the role of a strict army officer and jolly youngster so well that it seems hard to believe that both roles are played by the same man. Anushka sharma is bubbly and ' happy-go-lucky girl' who lives life to the fullest breathing every moment of her life happily. Katrina Kaif on other hand is exactly opposite to Anushka. She is a God-lover, believes in goodness,reserved, n filled totally with love. Yashji never lost hold of his directorial touch in the movie. The songs do deserve a thumbs up. Especially the romantic Saans and foot-tapping Ishq shava. Challa makes u groove a bit on your seat. Heer likely to trigger some emotion So for all the romance lovers, JTHJ is a perfect and 'go for it' film.

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