Jarhead 2: Field of Fire


Action / Drama / War

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Danielle Savre as Cindy Iverson
Esai Morales as Governor Mandera
Stephen Lang as Mr. Travitt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10 / 10

TV war movie

Marine Corporal Chris Merrimette reluctantly takes a promotion from Major James Gavins (Stephen Lang) as the new leader of his supply squad after his sergeant gets killed by the Taliban. He is eager to return to his wife. His unit consists of Corporal Danny Kettner (Bokeem Woodbine), Lance Corporal Dani Allen, Private Rafael Soto, and Private Justin Li. Afghan Army Private Khalid Hassan Abu Faisal joins them on a resupply mission to a dangerous outpost. They are retasked when they pick up a SEAL team trying to evacuate an anti-Taliban activist. The interesting thing about the first Jarhead is that the guy struggled with a war which doesn't need him. This is almost an opposite premise. Chris can't wait to get out of the war that desperately needs him. I'm fine with a completely new premise for a completely new war. There is plenty of gunfire action which is more than what I expect from a TV movie. The realism is debatable and that's no small thing. I really question Kettner pulling Faisal off the garbage pile. It would be more real to run away and let the new Arab take the bomb blast if that's what he wants. That conflict between realistic and unrealistic never goes away. I'm sure others have different ideas. The kill ratio seems high. Several times, the guys wipe out the entire opposition. The final rescue mission seems unrealistic. I don't know why they didn't at least try the Taliban's trucks. The realism questioning goes on and on. It's not Rambo but it's not that far from it. Some of the masked Taliban fighters look white. At least, the setting looks good.

Reviewed by Raphael Motta 7 / 10 / 10

Cheesy acting, bad props and wasted story

*May contain spoilers* Well, the acting was bad, the props were all around wrong and not true to facts, very cheesy and wouldn't recommend it. I think the story could have been better put together, it had potential but I didn't feel much emotion in the "emotional" scenes, overall shallow characters, inaccurate props and just not very good. Pros They explore some political aspects of the war on terror and show how pointless killing leads to nothing and true heroes are those who have the courage to do challenge the tyrants and do simple things like study. The movie doesn't portrait the marines or seals as some kind of immortal superheroes, they are shown as just humans with a tough job Womman in the military are shown, this is great for visibility and so womman get more space in society Cons Really bad acting Outstandinly inaccurate props Cheesy dialog It doesn't make the viewer care too much about the characters, they don't feel tri-dimensional, just too plain. Overall just wasted potential and military propaganda Just another enlistment movie.

Reviewed by Sean Murphy 7 / 10 / 10

Not Very Real

When i was in the gulf war, we just had a M16 rifle, chewing gum and a very small toilet roll that incidentally had to last for our whole tour of duty. In this film there are lazer guns, romulan mind-melds an Alien from the planet xena-4 plus every soldier seems to quote " Beam me up scotty" before they get shot. If you want a good action movie go for Wind In The Willows part 2, or you could just watch a few episodes of star trek which may have the same effect on you. Basically don't watch this film. its no good, its akin to jumping around naked with a pineapple superglued to one of your feet. i watched it twice and dozed off several times and that was just during the opening credits. which took almost twenty minutes to get through as for the sound effects they were boring. hang on am i reviewing the right film? this is citizen kane is it not?.

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