Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday


Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

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Erin Gray as Patricia Faber
Julie Michaels as Irene
Kane Hodder as Jon Roy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pumpkin_Man 10 / 10 / 10

Quite Possibly the Weirdest and Most Supernatural Entry in the Friday the 13th Series!!!

Wow, where do we begin? Jason Voorhees is alive and back at Crystal Lake, without explaining how he returned from New York. During the first five minutes, he's blown up and we don't see 'Jason' again till the last ten minutes of the movie. Jason randomly has a sister now who needs to die because it's revealed that the only way to kill Jason for good is that a Voorhees can do it. Steven Williams as Creighton Duke is definitely one of the most interesting and intriguing characters of the whole series. Not much is known about him, but he's a bounty hunter that's had a run-in with Jason before. He knows how to kill Jason for all time. After Jason Voorhees is blown to bits, his black gooey heart is eaten by the mortician that's performing the autopsy. Jason's spirit soon possesses the body and continues his murder spree. We soon meet Steven Freeman, a man who is the father to Jason's Great Niece. Steven must protect her and his girlfriend from Jason and send him back to Hell. Throughout the movie, Jason switches from body to body and it all leads up to a final confrontation at the Voorhees house. The Necronomicon from 'Evil Dead' makes a cameo. (Perhaps Pamela Voorhees used it to try and bring Jason back to life) The ending is a great prelude and tie-in to Freddy Vs. Jason, a movie that was years in the making. If you love Friday the 13th and crazy bizarre plots, you'll love JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL Friday!!!

Reviewed by IssaGuy 3 / 10 / 10

Not worth the hate and much better than expected

When I watch I'd expect to hate it and it's not all that bad. I say it's my forth favorite of the series. Good story, good characters, not the best acting but I accept it, and very interesting. This is the Halloween III season of The Witch (1983) of the series and yeah I know part 5 did but we're not talking about that right now. I don't care what most people say I like this movie.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10 / 10

More like the 'Friday the 13th' series has gone to hell

'Friday the 13th' may have been panned by critics when first released but since then it is one of the most famous and influential horror films, the franchise containing one of horror's most iconic villains. The film is popular enough to become a franchise and spawn several sequels of varying quality and generally inferior to the one that started it all off. 'Jason Goes to Hell' for me is one of the worst of the 'Friday the 13th' films, a strong contender even for the worst. Is it irredeemably awful? No, not quite, don't think any of the 'Friday the 13th' films are. Then again this is coming from somebody who tries to see the good in bad films etc. and even tries to say where good to great films etc. could be improved on, not somebody who hates on everything or declare every film seen a classic. Sadly though, despite not caring hugely for the previous two instalments, 'Jason Goes to Hell' is indicative of the series has gone to hell. Are there good things here in 'Jason Goes to Hell'? Yes there are. The highlights are the tense opening scene and the slicing in half death (very strange but both disturbing and not easy to forget). Kane Hodder does a lot with little and is suitably creepily intimidating. There are instances too where the film is also inventively shot. On the other hand, while a good deal of 'Friday the 13th' films are silly, the silliness here is overkill that it becomes insultingly ridiculous. It is certainly the most bizarre film in the series, and not in a good way, and it completely gets in the way of scares or suspense. 'Jason Goes to Hell' overdoes just as much on the weirdness as it does with silliness. A lot fails to make sense, with too many parts confusing the story, and things that beg for an explanation are left unexplained, anything explanations are like the previous films didn't happen because so much doesn't fit. Hodder aside, the acting is really poor, even for the 'Friday the 13th' films where acting rarely was a strength. Likewise with the dialogue, which is 'Friday the 13th' at its most taking-simplicity-to-extremes, stilted, cheesiest and lacking in taste. Nothing is truly scary here, apart from the opening and one memorable death and suspense is nil. The kills are generally neither creative or shocking (going for more quantity, with a very large body count, than quality where gore feels too much and gratuitous. The pacing is far too hectic, the film never stops moving and everything here feels incredibly rushed, and this hurts the atmosphere and the storytelling. 'Jason Goes to Hell' is also the first film in the series where the music score is a drawback and not a redeeming feature, not only does the music sound cheap here it also is so discordant with what's going on and like it was written for a different film. Concluding, not a good film and indicative of a severe decline of a variable series of films. 3/10 Bethany Cox

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