Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Charles Cross 7 / 10 / 10

If you can watch this with an open mind you will enjoy it

I am not a fan of Bay Watch, but David Hasselhoff did an outstanding job. I believe theater is Hasselhoff's calling. If you can watch this musical with an open mind, and get over the fact that the star has done crappy TV you will realize that he has talent for theater. His performance left me shocked and wanting more. I have watched the musical many times and the performance still amazes me. I first saw the musical in a College English class, Horror Fiction and Film, at Chapman University. I thought the professor was crazy for making us watch this film, but I was wrong. Anyone who is a fan of musical theater will enjoy this. I only wish I heard about this when it was still live. I would have enjoyed seeing it. I hope that Hasselhoff does more theater in the future. There is room for him to improve, but I believe over time he could be an outstanding theater performer.

Reviewed by DonJohn80 2 / 10 / 10

A decent movie but a very good Broadway performance!

When I first found this movie in the 2/$5 bin at my local Wal-Mart I thought it looked cheesy enough to pay 2.50 for... then I saw David Hasslehoff and had to buy it. I fully expected a terrible film that I would struggle through the first 30 minutes of and then shut it off, but at least I could say I tried. In truth I did find the first of it kind of hokey, but that's because the acting is performed in the style of the theatre. Everything is meant to be projected to the back rows. Even with this in mind Hasslehoff's facial expressions as Hyde were a bit cheese at some point, but his overall performance was good. Coleen Sexton's performance was amazing all around as she is not only stunning, but has an amazing voice. In general I found some of the song lyrics in the play came across as rather forced (on account of the writers, not the singers) but the entire experience remains quite enjoyable. I highly recommend the 2.50. :D (or maybe even a bit more)

Reviewed by escoles 2 / 10 / 10

Hackneyed Pastiche Larded With Obligatory Sex & Romance

I have had the dubious privilege of seeing an excellent production of this profoundly mediocre play. While I'm not a Hoff-Hater, I sincerely doubt that even Al Pacino could improve it. The music is occasionally pleasant, but always highly derivative (it sounds like every other Broadway play ever made); the pop-philosophical mauling of Stephenson's idea is offensively simplistic; the plot "twists" manage to be at once predictable, heavy-handed, and misogynistic (my young niece perceptively mis-observed: "All the womens died"). If you're looking for a good musical, look somewhere else. If you're looking for a good, interesting interpretation of the Jekyll-Hyde story, look to the Christopher Lee / Peter Cushing vehicle "I, Monster", which makes genuinely interesting and creative changes to Stephenson's idea. ("Hyde:Jekyll" becomes "Blake:Marlowe", for example, to highlight the Faustian and gnostic aspects of the story.) It's a typical '60s low-budget screamer, but at that, it has ten times the heart of this vacuous product.

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