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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by callanvass 7 / 10 / 10

Enjoyable Enough Dudikoff Vehicle, With Some Above Average Action Scenes, And Good Chemistry Between Dudikoff and Lisa Howard!

This is an enjoyable enough Dudikoff vehicle , with some above average action scenes, and good chemistry between Michael Dudikoff and Lisa Howard!. All the characters are cool , and the story while routine, is entertaining enough, plus Michael Dudikoff is simply amazing in this!. It's nothing special, however it makes for a great breezy time waster!, plus Benjamin Ratner is very good as the main villain. Dudikoff is very funny in this film, and had some good lines, and i thought the finale was quite good as well, however the film still had potential to be better. Ashanti Williams is kind of annoying as the kid, and this almost skirts to a **1/2 at times, plus the opening was kind of dumb. Still this is one of Dudikoff's better films, as a lot of the time, he has to work with a bad script, at least this one was decent. The ending is really funny, and i loved Dudikoff's peppermint spray strategy for crooks or villains!, plus i was actually quite surprised, by the performances. This is an enjoyable enough Dudikoff vehicle , with some above average action scenes, and good chemistry between Dudikoff and Lisa Howard, and i say it's well worth the watch!. The Direction is good. George Erschbamer does a good job here, with decent camera work, good angles, and keeping the film at a fast pace!. The Acting is great. Michael Dudikoff is amazing as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, funny, had good chemistry with Lisa Howard, kicked that ass, had lots of charisma, and for once had a decent script to work with!, he is a very talented and underrated Action hero in my opinion (Dudikoff Rules!!!!). Lisa Howard is quite cute, and does excellent here, she was very likable, had good chemistry with Dudikoff, and seemed very comfortable with him, i liked her a lot, she can also kick ass with the best of them!. Benjamin Ratner is good as the main villain, and was somewhat menacing, when on screen, he did a good job. Freddy Andreiuci is OK here as Izzi, but didn't have much to do. Ashanti Williams is so so as the kid, he got on my nerves at times but at least managed to be somewhat bearable. Rest of the cast do OK. Overall well worth the watch!. *** out of 5(almost a **1/2)

Reviewed by badboyjohn-38189 1 / 10 / 10

A Great Action/Comedy Movie

This movie was super entertaining to watch as it had a superbly written script with a great mixture of action and dramatic scenes. There was also night club and porn movie set scenes that were hillarous to watch plus it was interesting to see the mob henchman driving around in Chrysler mini vans plus there was also a vintage Rolls Royce to be seen along with some interesting booby traps. The actors all did a great job in their roles and the chemistry between Michael Dudekoff and Lisa Howard was superb with some great dialogue between them. The special effects and stunts were excellent with some great fight scenes however some of the set decoration could have been done better.

Reviewed by DoodeyKopf 1 / 10 / 10

It's open season on the bad movie. Yeah, so shoot it.

Give me some money. I'll write this thing, direct it, and shoot it ALL NEXT WEEK. "Action movie"? Where?? Not in this box. Without the little *WHACK* and SLAP noises whenever somebody gets hit, there's really no way to tell what's a hit and what's a miss. And did you know? If you point a gun at somebody, and just kinda kills whatever's over there, unless it's your friend. The gun knows, man. Yeah yeah yeah. WHAT? Oh, wait, wait, maybe it's a comedy! Nope, it's just random. The script sucks. Character history? Nah, who needs it. Costs too much, anyway. The plot makes no sense. The actors did uhh, an ok job, I guess. They must've had contracts or something, that they couldn't break. I don't know how they maintained a character through the gauntlet of this script. The directing must've been really good, for them to have any chance. But wait? Same guy wrote it and directed it? Wow, ok, the actors are pretty good, I guess. Man... Wow. This surpasses even Deep Blue Sea, in how much it sucks. Oh, I guess the wardrobe is nice, though it doesn't fit the reality that the script completely failed to mimic. But it isn't really aesthetically pleasing as a whole. It, like the rest of this movie, is like a puzzle put together with a five-pound sledge hammer. And I guess the actors were all, uh, aesthetically pleasing too, unless they were supposed to be stupid. Then they weren't. Because, you know, when you're dumb, you get ugly. That's just how nature works. There are little cells that get killed by neurons firing, called ugly cells. So it's TRUE! The dumber you are, the uglier you get! Ha! I learned something from this movie! And wait! I just lost 5 pounds! Ahhhhhh... Do NOT see this movie.

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