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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fromdecatur-10126 8 / 10 / 10

On a journey

I liked this movie a lot. A couple of things I would note first: the music throughout was great and really added to the movie; also, the movie was beautifully shot, with lovely rural scenes and interior spaces made real and interesting. This movie made me think of older narrative styles, back to Don Quixote. It's in chapters, and each chapter is it's own little story. I liked that there wasn't a plot sense of going from a definite A to a definite B, but that the feeling is that there will be episode after episode in their lives going forward well beyond the end of the movie. That said, Jess does have a story arc which goes through the film, from refusing to kiss and insisting on being the top when he first meets James, to gradually becoming able to express a little bit of affection, to owning his gayness and acknowledging to his brother that he is "with James." The lead actors are excellent and make their relationship consistently intriguing and interesting. The rural setting was fantastic--living in a small town in Illinois, I enjoyed the lack of urban locale.

Reviewed by t-dooley-69-386916 8 / 10 / 10

Gay Road Trip Tale from Argentina

Jess is described as 'a Bohemian youth' who is struggling, in Argentina, to live up to the expectations of his parents and wants to be who he really is – and that is gay. Then there is James who is a disgruntled waiter and is fed up living with his yoga loving and judgemental mother. The two guys hook up – and after some graphic, if simulated, rutting they decide to go on a road trip. This is the story of that trip and the good and bad times that ensue including meeting Tomas and what he brings to the relationship. Now this is a small budget affair – they even have a Citroen for the road trip and the music is a bit electro annoying in places and for me was the least enjoyable part of this film – others may disagree. Despite that this is still an accomplished effort. It is though fairly stylish and depictions of sex and the emotions that are evoked are all done extremely well. A relatively unknown cast did not show any limitations by their lack of experience and all manage to do convincing performances. It is also very beautifully shot with a keen eye for an arty angle and very good use of colour and texture to add to the mood and depth of the scenes. It is in Spanish with OK sub titles and runs to around 92 minutes. This is for those World Cinema fans who don't mind a bit of sex but also want the story to be the main pull and enjoy a smattering of art-house on the side.

Reviewed by earl-rose 8 / 10 / 10

Road trip to love

I am always surprised when a film that I really liked a lot is rated poorly by others. In defense of this film I have to say that it deserves a watch just for the scenery and the good looking young men. But there is more. Starting as a quick pickup, the two men become more enamored of each other as they repeat their meetings over time and eventually become a full fledged couple with a family good meet up toward the end. There is a sweetness to the whole enterprise which overrides the temporary cliches some may object to. As a classical road trip, the structure is a series of vignettes which are quite different from one another. A sort of path to deeper feelings between the two. So. I watched it a few times and then actually bought it for my good gay romance collection.

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