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Adam DeVine as Andy Tuckerman
Charlyne Yi as Ruby
Michael Peña as Ernesto
Rose Byrne as Sonja Stilano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justinemarquez-19098 1 / 10 / 10

No. Just no.

They could have done so much with this premise... and instead turned it into a garbage heap of over the top downright stupid humor with no true punchline. One of those wait for Netflix/redbox films at best, because at least during it you could zone out on your own phone if you so choose.

Reviewed by classybosslady 1 / 10 / 10

BADDD.Waste of time!

Horrible. Immature humor. Cussing like teenage kids. The phrases they use is just a pathetic excuse for entertainment! Worst movie I have watched in over a decade!!! I wish I could unsee this movie...I should have left and ask for a refund!!! Instead, I fell asleep on/off because there wasn't much to laugh at...I think most people were just as shocked we paid for this movie as I was...don't even rent this horrible excuse of a movie.

Reviewed by robodoc-20897 1 / 10 / 10

Another sign that the raunchcom is dying

While this decade has seen decent comedic elements injected into action films, and even superhero flicks, true comedies with fresh scripts with plot devices that can win the audience over with genuine laughs are so hard to find. I went with a group that includes people who cannot stand violence on film, so we took a chance on Jexi. The result? We thought it was just dumb, and the experience left us actually feeling bad for lead Adam Devine. Kind of a waste of an evening. All-in-all, Jexi is yet another film to throw on the scrap pile of the dying subgenre known as the raunchcom. Watching this film and other recent comedies made me think of the following: Maybe the failure of several other raunchcoms will signal to film studios that its time to move on, or at least morph in a way that brings back the "funny" in comedy.

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