Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow


Adventure / Comedy / Family

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September 26, 2020


Jay Harrington as Ron Emmerson
Ludacris as Eldridge Buultjens
Mary Steenburgen as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by onehandhailingataxicab 9 / 10 / 10

A worthy addition to the Jim Henson tradition!

First things first, this is definitely a kids movie, but it's a kids movie that Moms and Dads will find themselves snickering at. I ended up seeing this movie twice over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and appreciated it even more the second time. There are some slapstick moments for the kids, but there are also some very sophisticated one- liners sure to go over the younger heads. Mary Steenburgen is great as usual, and I especially enjoyed her flirtation with the Sheriff. Of course the Monsters are the star of the show. They're ugly and adorable at the same time, and they have fantastic interplay with the child stars. Some of the special effects toward the end are a little cheesy, but overall the movie looks great, with a beautiful forest setting. I found it worthy of the Jim Henson name and a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Reviewed by brainybabs 1 / 10 / 10

Lite movie fare

I liked this as a casual afternoon movie while taking care of some minor chores that I could do while watching. I was okay with the story having an intermittent narrator. This is not to the level of Gone with the Wind or The Deerhunter nor Indiana Jones or Lara Croft but I found it enjoyable. I have yet to see a Henson production I wouldn't watch, including this one. I can see Jim Henson's influence in the design of some of the characters but it took quite a while before they were introduced. I think it is the first time I heard the word "fugly" used on television. The title is the name of the town where the action takes place and the town's main economic product seems to be turkey which make various appearances through the movie. I will admit some of the themes are a bit predictable, notably a recent divorcée with kids. Mostly, I was relieved that it wasn't another Christmas story! There are way too many of those now, can I hear an "amen" from somebody?

Reviewed by gforce762 1 / 10 / 10

A "turkey" is right!!

I tried, I really tried to sit through this movie. I could not do it. the plot is lame, the dialogue is inane, the characters vapid. Not even decent special effects could save this movie. Two points, the sheriff: agrees with "bad guy" about the missing turkeys without even doing the most basic of investigating, making Barney Fife look like Walker, Texas Ranger. And of course, the debt must be paid in 2 days, and guess what, Thanksgiving is just 2 days away, how contrived of a plot line can you get? The "bad guy": no character development at all, just "here is what I am going to do, HA HA HA!!! Save your time and stuff this turkey in the dumpster!!

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