Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi

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June 15, 2020



Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo / Fred Jones
Jim Cummings as Winnie The Pooh / Tigger
Martin Short as Clifford Daniels
Patrick Stewart as King Richard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eminemcat 8 / 10 / 10

A great movie from my childhood!

I see a lot of negative comments on here that have been made by other adults who haven't experienced this movie when they were kids. Having seen this movie when I was a kid, I have to say, it was not as bad as they all say it is! It was funny and quirky with an important message. Do watch this with your children; They're going to love it!

Reviewed by marcG106 1 / 10 / 10

Terrible, Terrible.

I've been seeing trailers for this film for almost a year now, and I'm glad that it's now been released. Why? SO I'LL NEVER HAVE TO SEE THAT EVIL TRAILER AGAIN. Seriously, I've seen the Jimmy Neutron trailer on the last 10 films that I've seen, and I only see about 1 film per month. As for the movie itself, words cannot describe how bad this movie is. The CG is incredibly ugly. It looks like it was animated 5 years ago. Seriously, the half-completed animated storyboards I've seen for "Toy Story" look better than this tripe. The dialogue is terrible, the characters are terrible, the whole bloody mess is terrible.

Reviewed by m_jordan_jones 1 / 10 / 10

I was forced to watch this.

I was forced to watch this crap with my school. God do I regret that. I did everything not to watch this unwatchable crap. But the teachers made me but now looking back I think of how stupid I was to even go to school that day. The only good nick toon there ever was, was The Ren and Stimpy show. Nick toons should go ahead and give up this crap sucks. Let's face it Nickelodeon can not compete with Cartoon Network. 1. Because the kid cartoons on Cartoon network are more popular. 2. They have adult swim for teenagers and adults. and three Nick toons banned one of the best cartoons ever made. So avoid Jimmy neutron with all you got because it SUCKS. I rate this movie a -10 our of 10.

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