Joan of Arc


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Gene Lockhart as Dr. Prescott
Ingrid Bergman as Stephanie Dickinson
Roy Roberts as Maj. George Porter Houston
Ward Bond as Motorcycle Cop at Jail
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10 / 10

Ingrid's Dream Project

The only version I've seen of Joan of Arc is the VHS edited version. But what I saw convinced me that it was indeed a triumph for Ingrid Bergman. Unfortunately it had lousy timing in when it was released and poor editing that cut it to 100 minutes. Ingrid got her greatest stage reviews in this part and she does a grand job in playing the charismatic Maid of Orleans who rallied a nation with her simple faith and piety. This should really be seen in conjunction with Henry V either the Olivier or the Branagh version. Henry V is the 100 Years War from the English point of view, Joan of Arc is from the French. Henry V is also the prologue of the events leading up to Joan of Arc. Henry V has decimated the French army and has asserted his claim to the French throne as well as the English. He forced a treaty with the French, married the French princess and had the French king disinherit his son, the dauphin from the line of succession. Then Henry V died quite suddenly and his infant son Henry VI became the claimant to the French crown. All the politics surrounding that is dealt with in Shakespeare's Henry VI Part I. In the meantime the Dauphin is keeping up a rear guard action in exile. In this film he's played by Jose Ferrer in his screen debut. Ferrer captures the dauphin perfectly. Not exactly one of France's noblest kings, he's weak and unsure of himself. Still when Joan the Maid of Lorraine comes to him and convinces him of her sincereity, he believes in her. He's successful with Joan as a symbol at the head of his army and he starts taking back his kingdom, bit by bit. But Ferrer loses interest and signs a truce with the English. Joan keeps on fighting with some loyal followers and is captured by the nobles allied with the English. The high point of the film and her life is the trial where she is condemned as a witch and burned at the stake. Francis L. Sullivan plays Bishop Cauchon of Beauvais who does the dirty work for the English and he plays the part with relish. Did Joan really hear voices from on high and was actually divinely inspired? If you believe in results then yes she was. After she died she inspired a nation to revolt. By the end of the Dauphin's reign when he became King Charles VII the English were only controlling Calais and its suburbs. Poor Ingrid Bergman. The tabloids of the day did some job on her. As this film was in general release the scandal broke about her affair and the pregnancy resulting with Roberto Rosellini and the film tanked at the box office. Getting cast as a saint here and as a nun in The Bells of St. Mary's was just too much for the American public who back then really believed the images film stars conveyed. I'm glad this film is fully restored now. Hopefully we'll see it on DVD one day.

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 4 / 10 / 10

Joan of Arc France's Daughter

This picture l watched between 1976-1977 for first time on television in 2004 l purchase the DVD with a complete restoration but keep in box until now where l watch this super production with great sets along the movie the history settled in early 15th century with little Joan hearing some voices to led the french army against England in 100 years's war,she have to set free Orleans that hold by English army,after the victory she was betrayed by the king who accept money to stop the war,so Joan in captured by John Count of Luxembourg and sold to English for 10.000 pounds to be on trial and burned of fire!!!The casting is powerful apart Ingrid Bergman as Joan José Ferrer as the Dauphin,Cecil Kellaway as inquisitor on fantastic acting and thousand of famous actors including Hurd Hatfield!!!

Reviewed by Dalbert Pringle 4 / 10 / 10

Burn, Witch, Burn!

Fave movie quote - "I winged the witch!" Set in the 15th Century and apparently based on the "true" story of a "real-life" heroine who (supposedly under divine guidance) led France to victory against Britain in the Hundred Years' War - 1948's "Joan Of Arc" (a $4 million production) may have been able to boast about its fine costumes and its expensive set designs - But, boy, did it ever fail, in the long run, to satisfy this viewer on so many other counts. Filled-to-overflowing with a religious onslaught of emotionally over-wrought moments (courtesy of actress Ingrid Bergman) - Joan Of Arc (and all of its cross-bearing heresy) quickly managed to reduce itself to the level of laughable nonsense throughout a good part of its overlong, 146-minute running time. And, speaking about Ingrid Bergman (one of Hollywood's most bankable actresses of her day) - At the age of 33, I could never, ever be convinced to believe that she was portraying a heroine who was supposed to be a simple country girl of just 18 years. No way, Jose. All-in-all - I'd rightfully have to say that the most unintentionally hilarious scenes in this decidedly silly production (which certainly took itself way too seriously) would have to be those with Bergman, in a full suit of shining armour, leading the boys to battle as they fiercely fought their way on to an inevitable victory at Orleans.

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