John Q


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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April 14, 2019


Denzel Washington as Private First Class Peterson
Ethan Suplee as Dan Bradley
Ray Liotta as Tom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sergelamarche 8 / 10 / 10

Fun, funny, and gripping

Well wrapped film about USA hell care, haha! I saw it as a dramatic comedy and it was funny, hilarious at times, and very well played. Excellent storyline that makes enough sense to be almost believable as is. Good message of course with a good ending but the story had me gripped and laughing at the same time, all along.

Reviewed by Mike LeMar 4 / 10 / 10

Very interesting but the mom never shuts up

All she does is bark at the husband that he needs to do something, needs to try harder at everything he does. Furthermore: first, she's in the doctors' faces about inquiring what's wrong with her son while they're trying to focus on diagnosing him; then, she's repeatedly stressing to James Woods and Anne Heche at the table that she doesn't understand why this is happening because just that morning, he was fine. I wanted to be at the table with all of them and jump down her throat, "Well he's not fine anymore, obviously, so get that out of your head and just listen and comprehend what they're trying to draw in crayon for you."

Reviewed by Mycroft Holmes 4 / 10 / 10

Propaganda piece with a C grade script and an A grade actor

The most accurate part of this crudely cobbled together propaganda piece, is that Jay Leno is indeed, not funny. John Q is a movie so absurd in its premise and so biased in its presentation that not even Denzel Washington's amazing performance could salvage it. It revels in it's own vaingloriously self-appointed righteousness, expecting you to come along with it. And no matter your views on the healthcare debate, the film insults its audience at every turn, and turns very real issues and a very real discussion into propaganda worthy of the Stalinist Pravda. John Q (Public) Archibald, has his status as an every man drilled into almost every scene of the movie. The only time we aren't being reminded of how much of a blue-collar, truck driving, baseball loving, Christian American he is; is when we busily being told how rich, monstrous and stupid everyone in power is. The doctors wear the kind of designer fashion suits, with pocket squares, that you never actually see them wearing around the hospital in real life, because why would anyone do that? The administrators work in offices filled with ostentatious art, giant sleek desks, and even have an antique medieval shield on display; the exact same way that no hospital has ever actually done, because again, what actual person would do that? Comic book villains spout derivative lines to highlight their villainy, but when John Q threatens to murder people, he is lauded. His hostages applaud his threats on their lives. The hostages don't act like hostages, the nurses don't act like nurses, doctors, cops... on and on, the movie has a very shallow portrayal of how human beings actually behave. That isn't a problem for some movies. Films like Kill Bill will live in an obviously fictional presentation of the world, and it works because the film acknowledges that status and uses it. But the writer, the director, the men and women who made John Q are either obliviously out of touch or more likely, highly aware of the propaganda they are constructing. If you ever start to think for yourself, the movie will helpfully remind you of what side you are supposed to be on, the crowd in the movie cheers and boos for you like a studio audience. The true shame of John Q is that it hides some really excellent scenes between John Q and his son. Driven home by the acting chops of Denzel Washington, who manages to squeeze in incredible nuance and the hurt of a father afraid for his sons life, a man desperate and at the end of his rope. But these alone are not enough to salvage the movie as a whole. My parting words would be these. Enjoy the movie for what it is, not for what it thinks it is. Even as plot hole laden, and unrealistic as John Q is, it's a story about a desperate father... that unfortunately has a political ad jammed into it.

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