John Wick: Chapter 2


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 90%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
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Bridget Moynahan as Dorothy Quimby
Keanu Reeves as Matt
Peter Stormare as Norman Hail
Ruby Rose as Ali
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by armandocabral 10 / 10 / 10

Badass a real man's movie shoot to kill

Ok this is not for little girls only real men and real women who love a great ACTION movie will enjoy. If you say this movie is boring i think you should sell your tv and read a book lmao

Reviewed by rambofan4life 8 / 10 / 10

The quintessential pure bad-ass action sequel ever made one of my personal favorite action movies

What can I say about the movie that was already said I had a pleasure to watching this movie on Blu-ray disc again. It is a quintessential pure bad-ass action sequel ever made in my opinion. I love the first original movie but John Wick Chapter 2 I love to death more than the first one. I would put this movie right with The Raid 2: Berandal. John Wick Chapter 2 is my personal favorite action sequel of all time, that I love it more than the original. This a fast paced entertaining action packed sequel. I am big fan of Keanu Reeves I Love, Love, Love this film to death. It is an entertaining one man army against of all assassins. The film made 40 million budget and 92 million dollars in the US. improvement over the first movie Chad Stahelski returned to direct this action packed film and he directed well both of the films I enjoy and love. Keanu Reeves returns as John Wick and the role is written on his skin. Keanu Reeves is excellent as John Wick his best character he ever played who is written on his skin. I think it is Keanu's best performance since The Matrix, Speed, Constantine and Street Kings (John Wick is a new action kick-ass bad-ass action hero.) Like is said I would put John Wick 1 and 2 with The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Raid 1 and 2 and Rambo movies because those 2 John Wick movies are my favorite action films of all time. I love this film I love one man army movies and this is one man-army movie easily my personal favorite film in 2017 and I don't understand the criticism and the hate for this film or the first one. Today we don't see such a good action movies like we had in 80's and 90's. It is rated R most bloody action film there are body's every where. Bad-ass martial arts in the film bad-ass action ever. Here are the reasons to watch this film: A female violinist in the subway pulls out a gun from the violin and tries to kill John, but he subdues her and breaks her neck. A heavyset Asian man goes after John and gets his brains blown out. Two men in the subway try to get in on it, and John brutally kills them with a PENCIL. Cassian finds John as he gets on the subway and fights him in the train. John stabs Cassian and pushes the knife into his aorta. He tells Cassian that if he pulls the knife out, he will bleed to death. John leaves Cassian on the subway. Those are my favorite scenes in the movie. I love John Wick's dog more in the first film than the first one, yes I am an animal lover and Keanu said the dog was trained to obey everything Keanu said. I have a 6 year old white dog Rick at home who I love very much and yes it is a she and she obeys me very much. I love the bond between John Wick and his new dog I love those two on the end running together. Keanu Reeves, Common, Laurence Fishburne, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ruby Rose, John Leguizamo, Peter Stormare, Claudia Gerini and Ian McShane did all a good job in the movie. I care about this characters more than I did in the first one. Why I love this film? Because you have a bad-ass elite of assassins trying to kill John Wick: A female violinist, A heavyset Asian man who looks like sumo wrestler, Cassian and of course Ares (Ruby Rose) the bodyguard and top assassin of Santino D'Antonio. I am not going to say that Ruby Rose was better assassin than Adrianne Palicki I disagree I love Adrianne Palicki as Ms. Perkins more than Ares Ruby Rose that is my opinion. Santino D'Antonio (Ian McShane) was a memorable bad guy. Keanu Reeves, Common and Laurence Fishburne all reunited again for this sequel. Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne co-started together in The Matrix Trilogy and Keanu Reeves and Common co-started in Street Kings. John Wick Chapter 2 is a quintessential pure bad-ass action sequel ever made and satisfying action movie an absolute must-watch for all action fans.

Reviewed by ham-bert 8 / 10 / 10

"Tell them.... Who ever comes..... I'll kill them all"....... "Of course you will" (Spoiler free Review)

I have to say after seeing "John Wick" in the cinema almost 3 years ago I had high expectations on the sequel. I have watched the first part about three more times now and it never became boring. My fear for this sequel was that they couldn't get a good start into the new story. With a few similarities that chapter 2 shared with first one this could have been a huge let down. But god damn... this movie started strong and oddly enough it started in a way that I didn't even think about. I wouldn't say that the scenes were predictable just because they were so different from all the other action movies I have seen. This movie remains serious, whilst brilliantly combining dry humor with extreme graphic and violent images. If you have watched this movie you will remember this one scene... this one scene that you just can not get out of your head sheer to it's immense (and freaking awesome) brutality. "John Wick Chapter 2" is like a "Kingsman: The Secret Service" that even though being funny, manages to stay serious throughout the entire 2 hours. It doesn't seem too long nor too short and strikes a good balance between action sequences and story telling. In comparison to the first one though Chapter 2 does not seem as realistic. John Wick was a killer I thought could actually exist in real life after watching the first movie. That was the reason I and I think many other loved that film so much. Chapter 2 does lose some of it's credibility due to a few action sequences. Remember, I am not talking about a Fast and Furious like action scene here. This is criticism on a whole new level. "John Wick: Chapter 2" went beyond my expectations and is in my opinion better than the first one. Go watch this movie in the cinema if you liked the part one. If you haven't seen the prequel I would recommend you to catch up just because it's so good. Though it is not actually necessary to follow and enjoy the story of Chapter 2. I hope this review was helpful to some of you who couldn't decide whether to watch this film in the cinema or wait for the Blu-Ray and DVD release. Go to the cinema your money will be spend wisely. 8/10

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