Johnny Cool


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Elizabeth Montgomery as Darien 'Dare' Guiness
Richard Anderson as Steven Carlson
Sammy Davis Jr. as Charles Salt
Telly Savalas as Memphis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by noir guy 9 / 10 / 10

'Lost' classic crime movie

'Lost' classic crime movie, with 'Rat Pack' member Peter Lawford as Executive Producer, and featuring Rat Packers Sammy Davis Jr. and Joey Bishop in single scene cameos, this is an often brutal mob movie featuring glacial Henry Silva as a pitiless, downbeat anti-hero pitting his wits and weaponry against a variety of slick-suited, big-city mobsters operating behind an outwardly respectable veneer. Opening the movie as a Salvatore Giuliano-type Sicilian folk-hero (the early scenes show a young 'Johnny' being taken under Giuliano's wing in World War II after witnessing his mother's death at the hands of the Nazis), 'Johnny' is reinvented and resurrected by Marc Lawrence's exiled 'Lucky Luciano' type syndicate boss, who has arranged his faked death in order to set him loose against the former Stateside associates who are now lining their pockets with his ill-gotten gains. Swiftly acquiring Elizabeth Montgomery's thrill-seeking, well-heeled moll (a cinematic half-sister to the similarly enthralled Claire Trevor in Robert Wise's BORN TO KILL), Johnny sets about his one-man vendetta amidst the boardrooms, casinos and fancy spreads with a singleminded ruthlessness that, in its settings and attitude (if not it's visual style) appears to foreshadow Lee Marvin's similarly brutal rampage through the well-heeled trappings of contemporary corporate America four years later in POINT BLANK. Comparisons aside, this is a slick slice of thick-ear hardboiled crime, aided by a snappy Billy May score and Sammy Davis Jr. theme which adds to the sense of pace and rhythm engendered by William (BEACH PARTY) Asher's snappy direction. And the ending's a killer (pun intended). Undoubtedly worthy of wider (any!) availability, as it's an often cynical, but arresting crime movie (pun similarly intended)with the makings of a cult. Catch it if you can.

Reviewed by mlraymond 9 / 10 / 10

Intense, powerful crime drama is strange and unforgettable

This movie doesn't seem to be well known, beyond devoted gangster movie fans. It's a small, black and white thriller, about two or three days in the life of a ruthless contract killer, sent from Italy to America to seek revenge,and demand tribute on behalf of a deported Mafioso. He becomes involved with a thrill seeking society woman, who aids him in his crimes. Whether their unusual relationship can be considered a love affair in any normal sense ,is open to interpretation. The movie was considered quite violent in its day, and still has some pretty nasty action, by implication. It's fast moving, and unpredictable, with an oddly charismatic performance by Henry Silva in the title role. Elizabeth Montgomery's character is a little under developed, but she makes a memorable impression nonetheless. A lot of the cast is made up of familiar faces, some in very odd roles. Jim Backus as a jovial, crooked contractor, John McGiver as a grumpy casino manager, Sammy Davis Jr. as a nervous gambler, all help to make the atmosphere of this picture a mix of humor and ambiguity. More traditional hoodlum roles are played by Marc Lawrence and Telly Savalas, with such crime movie reliables as sleazy Joe Turkel and creepy Elisha Cook, Jr appearing as various mobsters and hangers on. The movie isn't quite like anything I've ever seen. It's hard to define what it is that gives this picture its unique atmosphere, but it makes for a fascinating, if unnerving viewing experience. This is well worth the effort, if you can manage to find it on cable, or home video.

Reviewed by gadgetcoder 9 / 10 / 10

Terrific Movie

I saw this movie accidentally a number of years ago channel surfing. I missed the first 5 minutes of it. It caught my eye because of Elizabeth Montgomery. It was a very dark movie considering what I knew Elizabeth for (Bewitched!). It was one of the more gripping movies I have ever seen. Henry Silva is one of the best "bad guy" actors I know. In this movie, he outdoes himself - causing the viewer to both loathe him and feel sorry for him in much the same way Elizabeth's character does. I highly recommend this movie. I was very surprised I had not seen it before, what with all the cameo appearances by rather big name actors and entertainers. If any of you find this on DVD, PLEASE let me know! I would really like a copy for myself. Regards to all, gadgetcoder

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