Josee, the Tiger and the Fish


Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kjihwan 10 / 10 / 10

Quite brilliant

This is a small masterpiece, one of the best films released in 2004. On the cover, it's an unlikely romance between an easy-going college boy and a captivating girl who is disabled from the waist down, but it doesn't even begin to show how wonderfully astute this film is in dealing with still-youthful emotions of its characters. 'Joze' captures what it's like to be young and in love perfectly, but it's never self-conscious or brash about it; it also deals with the question of disability in a quiet, subtle way, never patronizing it or pandering to its sentimental possibilities. Satoshi Tsumabuki of 'Waterboys' fame plays nicely against type as the well-meaning but shallow Tsuneo, while Chizuru Ikewaki is truly beguiling as the titular heroine. 'Joze' is a romance whose refreshing honesty and quiet courage is so rare these days that it may well go down as one of a kind. It's also one of the very few films to achieve a level of true emotional resonance, with an ending that is both low-key and utterly devastating at the same time. It is a moment that stays in your mind long after you've left the cinema, growing more and more tender as you dwell on it.

Reviewed by za_kannushi 10 / 10 / 10

Peculiar Joze, amusing Joze, beautiful Joze

This beautiful fairy tale from the shabby quarters of Osaka instantly became one of my favorite flicks of all time when I went to see at at the premiere at Cinequinto in Shibuya on a cold December afternoon in 2003. The cold and noisy streets of Shibuya contrasted the warmth of the cinema and the pleasant music played by Quruli during the credits. Tsuneo is an easygoing guy who casually sleeps around with girls, works at the local Mahjong Parlour and generally drifts around. A typical Japanese college kid. That is until he literally bumps into Joze. A physically disabled girl who is pushed around in a baby carriage by an old lady (who sleeps at the dinner table throughout most of the movie). Tsuneo is intrigued by this beautiful and surprisingly intelligent young girl. Joze is sarcastic and defensive, but in a very charming manner, and Tsuneo soon becomes a regular visitor at the old lady's shabby house. But is it possible for a guy such as Tsuneo to commit himself to a very special girl such as Joze? Chizuru Ikewaki's performance as Joze is really extraordinary. The sarcasm and witty remarks mixes really well with her Osaka-dialect and her eccentric exterior, and yet we sense a very sweet and vulnerable girl underneath her shell. Satoshi Tsumabuki also does his job quite well as Tsuneo. The chemistry and intimacy between the two characters as they grow closer to each feels quite real and convincing, and it is entertaining to just watch them interact casually at the same time. There are so many details that make this movie entertaining. The kid who glares dumbfounded at a naked girl waves at Tsuneo's little brother. The love hotel that turns into the inside of a virtual aquarium when you turn the lights off. The exceedingly delicious-looking food that Joze casually cooks. All these details make this movie a unique and fun experience. When the movie was over, I found myself entertained by the comic aspects of the movie, but I was also deeply touched by the love story, that seemed so profound and real. This movie is both a light, romantic comedy as well as an intimate story about two people who develop and evolve through their relationship. In this regard, it is thematically similar to recent films such as "Lost in Translation" (2003), "Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind" (2004) and the Japanese "Vibrator" (2003). "Joze to tora to sakana tachi" is a rare and unique film experience. I implore you to see it.

Reviewed by j_eyon-2 10 / 10 / 10

the start of my relationship with Chizuru

A languidly paced journey thru a relationship - accompanying a callow young man who meets a young woman curled up in a baby carriage intrigued - he worms in his way into the home of her eccentric grandmother where the young woman lives - and is offered a meal cooked by the young woman who - when finished cooking - drops from a stool onto the floor with a thud - and then drags herself and her useless legs to another area of the small home - instead of joining him at the table even tho she is sullen - and curt with him - and with an offbeat appeal - the young man finds her so fascinating that she soon steals him away from his pretty girlfriend - the two women's confrontation in the middle of a street is one of my favorite scenes of all times the strange evolving relationship goes where it wants to go - not where you want or expect it to go - don't expect longing gazes or romantic declarations - these two have edgy get-togethers - offbeat yet convincingly realistic i loved it - i fell for the odd girl even more than the young man did - the actress who portrayed her - Chizuru Ikewaki - instantly took her place among my favorite actresses of all time - she's an immensely potent presence - and that first impression has stood up after seeing her in mostly smaller roles in lesser films - i've even heard speak decent english in one of them ("The Oishii Man") - i can heartily recommend her film "Across a Gold Prairie" the leading actor had more scenes and was able to hold up the film in Ikewaki's absence - with pretty and talented Ueno Juri as the prior girlfriend giving him a boost at times - but this film is a showcase for Chizaru Ikewaki - and her character - the bewitching Jozee

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