Jungle Emperor Leo


Adventure / Animation

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December 26, 2019


Christopher Collet as Combusken
Danny Burstein as Minus
Stephanie Sheh as DJ Officer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankhedden 10 / 10 / 10

What can I say besides wow!

For those who enjoy enjoyment, this is a series of pictures to find useful should your life circumstances allow you to grasp the context & deep, deap history! The entertainment, the story, the cast & crew, the directing, & the rest are just as good as it gets. 4 limbs up.

Reviewed by pdp-8 / 10

This was a great finish of the 1966 Kimba TV show!

If you liked the 1966 "Kimba the White Lion" you will LOVE this movie. VERY WELL DONE, not another cheap knockoff!!! The animation work is even better than the original. When you see this movie, you will wonder what the TV series would have been like with a big budget! Based loosely on some of the 1966 story lines and some new ones. You do miss the voices of 1966 crew but this crew did a very good job. Again, the voice over work in this movie is much better than any of the KIMBA KNOCK OFFS that have turned up through the years. If you have not seen the ORIGINAL 1966 KIMBA THE WHITE LION TV series, this would be a good movie to introduce you to the main characters. The names have changed but the personalities remain much the same, and as with the original the hero doesn't always win!

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