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Reviewed by shizz_27 7 / 10 / 10

Let's not get carried away, people.

"Juno" is funny (nearly every single line of dialogue is written to elicit laughter), directed with at just as sure a hand as "Thank You For Smoking".. possibly surer.. and acted gamely by the whole cast -- especially Olvia Thirlby and J.K. Simmons as the title character's galpal and understanding dad. The script, by Diablo Cody, is rich with one-liners; anyone who's read Candy Girl (which is unbelievably intelligent and funny; her description of Shania Twain, especially, had me rolling) will kind of know what to expect. This is without a doubt Ellen Page's show. She's in almost every scene, and I couldn't spot an instalnce when she made a bad decision or timed a delivery anything but dead-on. During a funky, kick azz opening title sequence, Juno is on her way to the pharmacy. "I just drank my weight in Sunny D, and gotta go, pronto!" It's time for another pregnancy test, because the last result looked more like a division symbol than a plus sign. New stick: same plus. The father's a guy Juno had sex with once upon a time, who also happens to be her best friend, Paulie Bleeker (a non-affected, quite bland Michael Cera). She decides to give it up for adoption, being 16 and all, which Paulie supports -- as do Juno's father and step-mom -- and the rest of the film is about her selection of adoptive parents. Pretty straightforward storytelling, but with an ear for quirky, hip dialogue. If the spoken words were any more "cool", or the actors speaking them did so with any less suave, my gag reflex might have taken over. The AFF audience I saw it with, last Sunday, couldn't get enough from the second Juno tells a dog to shut up, through lines comparing babies to iPods and Alison Janney going off on a physician. There's good stuff, here. And even though it never really swept me off my feet, the film is consistently humorous and, in one scene near the end, somewhat heartbreaking.

Reviewed by happy-vega 10 / 10 / 10

Don't believe the Hype

This movie is way over-hyped. Most of the time I was just annoyed by most of the things on the screen. First of all the dialog is something a 16 year old girl would never say. Too hip, witty, and glib for anybody. She sounded like she was reading a screenplay, which she was. I mean it was sssooo bad that it took me out of the picture. Right then, it could no longer be a semi- serious drama. I think it was trying to be an updated version of Heathers, but failed miserably. Then, start-up the eclectic cool indie music stolen out of a Wes Anderson movie. I love Wes' movies but Juno is not that, its a wannabe. The hip music comes on all the time, to fill in the missing script no doubt. At the end of the film maybe the last 5-10 minutes there must be about 5-7 different songs one after another each for a different sequence. It was way too much. What do you do when you can;t raise the emotion with dialog, put in music and lots of it. Once you pay attention to it, its almost laughable. Its about the only thing I laughed at in this movie. Another Wes Anderson ripoff was the runners running through the movie. This reminded me of Tenebaums with the gypsy taxi gag. And lastly. She finally decides she's in love, still treating the guy like crap and always will. They should have a sequel to this crap movie where 3 days later they break up because she's cursing Bleeker out and treating him with contempt. This movie was a loser in every way and not a indie movie. This thing was marketed to death.

Reviewed by behrlich39 10 / 10 / 10

Review of Juno

Juno has an effect on you. You can tell by the opening title sequence that this movie has a lot of heart. The unique dialogue may come off as annoying to some but I find it to be one of the reasons the characters feel so real and likable. I felt as if Juno was a real person throughout the whole film, thanks to Ellen page. Her performance is perfect and there could not have been a better pick for the lead role. All of the casting choices are great. Including J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney as Juno's Parents. Jason Reitman did his best directing in his career by far on this film, in my opinion of coarse. Diablo Cody's perfect script would have been ruined by any other director. But Reitman has an amazing control of tone. On a personal level Juno has left an impression on me and I will truly never forget it.

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