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Reviewed by Troy Putland 4 / 10 / 10

Just Don't Bother

Just Go With It sits in the middle of the best and worst Adam Sandler films this side of the millennium. Many, considerable pitfalls exists. Sandler piles on the lies to get his girl. Firstly, pretending to have an ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston), because Sandler gets caught wearing his old wedding ring that scores him many girls (in his dreams). Secondly, having two children when he has none. Thirdly, his cousin Nick Swardson enters the fray, pretending to be Aniston's new German backpacker boyfriend. The lies are awful and flimsy. The charade's kept up for the entire movie. It'd be convincing if Sandler was only trying to get his leg over. Some laughs come from it, just not many memorable ones. Aniston is the prize winner here. She's the good in a jumble of mess. This film is aptly named, as if it's telling us just to go with it too.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 2 / 10 / 10

My Precious

Like most sit-coms the movie slips from possible to improbable to very improbable. Adam Sandler plays Danny, who is about to be married. He discovers his bride to be had a fling with her former bf right before the wedding and she is just marrying him for his money. Danny is depressed as he sits in a bar with his wedding ring on. He discovers the ring is a chick magnet that leads to numerous one night stands. He calls it "my precious." Jennifer Anniston plays his single receptionist with 2 children. At a party, Danny meets a Barbie Doll school teacher and has a great night. He wasn't wearing his ring, but then she discovers it! You cad! Danny eventually explains he is getting divorced and she insists upon meeting the soon to be ex-wife. Rather than level with her, he asks Jennifer to play the role of his ex-wife which includes make-over and clothes perks. The meeting goes well as Anniston plays the jilted wife...then her cell phone rings. It is her kids, which must be Danny's kids too, right? Barbie Doll, a teacher loves kids and wants to meet Danny's kids. Now Danny must bribe Anniston's kids to pretend to be his kids. Oh what a tangle web we weave... The movie contains humor about bad plastic surgery plus some toilet humor. It has some good rock tunes, especially as swagger music. When Anniston starts dating a man in another office, Danny shows some signs of jealousy. One lie leads to another and then to another. Predictable and fun, A feel good film of the chick flick variety. No sex or nudity. Nice bikini shots. Some crude suggestive sex talk, although nothing as what we have been getting from Hollywood.

Reviewed by Shilo 2 / 10 / 10

Don't Go With It

I wonder what Dennis Dugan has to say about his newest picture starring Adam Sandler? After all, he directed Sandler in last years "Grown Ups," which was moronic and unfunny but made a ton of cash and Dennis returns as director for "Just Go With It" so Sandler can phone it in to make more cash because no else will direct him. I am pretty sure there is a reason for that and this garbage adds to the mountain that this duo throws out every year. Even worse, how did they get the talented Nicole Kidman in this picture and turn her into a self-centered ditzy moron? It's about, Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) who gets an awakening on his wedding day and decided to call it off. Soon after discovering his wedding band tells a million different stories to make woman stupidly sleep with him, twenty-three years pass and he is a successful plastic surgeon who is still pulling the same tricks. The only person aware of his schemes is his assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston). While at a party, Danny meets, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) and manages to screw up the encounter. It's not long before Danny finds himself hiding his secret from her and Katherine is roped into a divorce scheme that has everyone heading to Hawaii. One of Sandler's buddies, Nick Swardson shows up in this picture as Danny's Goofball cousin, Eddie who I actually thought was funny until he started talking with a horrible fake German accent. If there is any salvage from this picture it is this idiot but that is running on thin ice. I would say funny because Katherine has to put up with his charades because the Palmer chick is completely clueless as to who he really is. She is under the assumption that Eddie is married to Katherine whose fake name turns out to be Devlin. Nicole Kidman turns out to be the real Devlin Adams and everything gets complicated. Of course, it does. Typical Adam Sandler picture but would you know everything turns out good in the end. Of course, it does. Sandler has become good at ripping off the public and this picture is no different than his last hand full of garbage from "Big Daddy" to "Waterboy" to "Zohan." Here he is the usual self- centered jerk off who slowly realizes he is a jerk off halfway through the movie and someone special turns him around and he changes his ways. Whatever. This picture is apparently based on a French movie from 1969 and how much of that is actually this movie remains to be seen but I am pretty sure that fart jokes, usual Sandler humor, and complete stupidity where not present in Cactus Flower. The only thing that might save this mangy romcom is Jennifer Aniston but she has appeared in better. If anything I liked her sweet-natured character. Here is a stupid scenario in the film that Sandler thought was funny but was not. It's his usual goofy quick-wit jokes and answers that makes him look unintelligent and dumb. One of his patients had bad plastic surgery and has one eyebrow much higher than the other and Sandler proceeds to laugh and make jokes out of the situation. He pulls down on the eyebrow, let's go and says, "And it shoots right back up there." She raises her eyebrow and he laughs and says "You should watch that, it's going to get caught in your hair." is this supposed to be funny? Eddie shows up and says "Brows gone wild." I had to take notes to remember this stupidity and finally, the woman shrugs off Eddie and he mentions a penial implant that he is obsessed with only to be laughed off. Did I laugh once? Not really. I chuckled at a few parts where the Eddie character is sleeping in a bathtub because he is supposed to be the idiot of the group and a scene where he is chased by a wild boar hog and starts squealing in his fake German accent when caught but even that wasn't enough to hold the laughs throughout because I knew something stupid was coming shortly after and I was right. Sandler's character getting hit in the dingleberries. What a surprise. Nicole Kidman is a complete self-centered tool and she is useless. Her husband is played by the great Dave Matthews. He is forgettable like everyone else. The little tykes that play Katherine's kids are salvageable, Bailee Madison plays a sweet kid named Maggie who loves theater, does British accents and gets a stupid fake name, Kiki-Dee. Sandler is a jerk to her and her brother, Michael is played by Griffin Gluck. He has a problem with the bathroom because s**t jokes just need to be here and he looks like he is scared the whole picture. He must have seen Dennis Dugan? Sandler needs to stop milking the public with these stupid comedies he keeps producing. It's bad enough that he receives worse actor over and over again but yet seems content with continuously making the same unfunny garbage. That is the easiest indicator that he is doing this for the money and has no remorse for ripping off audience members. It just makes me nervous to see what comes next. He has had a few good pictures in recent years such as the remake of "The Longest Yard," "50 First Dates" and "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry." I can tell you why these pictures worked. It's because Sandler was not surrounded by his usual crew of unfunny idiots and he actually tried to put on a good show. However, If Sandler is going to keep up this charade, he needs to find a new job because it's sad and Dennis Dugan should never be allowed to make another movie.

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