Justice, My Foot!


Action / Comedy / Drama

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Anita Mui as Fleur
Stephen Chow as Puddin Lai
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by secrective 9 / 10 / 10

Stephen Chow wants justice!

Stephen Chow plays another lawyer, and has MORE bad luck! Battling corrupt officials he must now save a woman from being framed. Looks like the same sets as "Lawyer, Lawyer" and "Hail the Judge". Still an equally funny movie, catch it if you are a fan.

Reviewed by sangepengyou 8 / 10 / 10

A movie with a real kick...

There are many kung fu comedies involving lawyers and corruption, but none I've ever seen has the kind of kick to it as this movie does. The plot of this film is not exactly new ground for Stephen Chow, but the most inspired element of this movie is Anita Mui as his bossy, pregnant kung fu wife. That alone should prompt the undecided to give it a try. She is downright hysterical and for me, at least, stole the movie right out from under Chow. I consider this one of her more delightful roles. With every high kick, she raises the bar in what would be just another comic Chinese lawyer/corruption tales. Somewhat better than "Hail the Judge".

Reviewed by crossbow0106 8 / 10 / 10

Hyper-Kinetic Farce

This film stars Stephen Chow as lawyer Sung Sai Kit, whose wife (the late, always interesting to watch in film) Anita Mui is an airborne kung fu master who always seems to be pregnant in the film. She loses her children due to Sung's shyster like tactics (an interesting way to bash lawyers!), so she gets him to retire so they can have a healthy child. This film, set in imperial China, is all over the place, almost out of breath at times, but always fun. It was a big hit, the best grossing film in China/Hong Kong in 1992, due mostly to the chemistry between Chow and Mui. Of course, Sung un-retires and things get a little more hyper-kinetic. Not at all profound, just entertaining period drama escapism. I wish I saw it in the theater, it is richly photographed. If you like films like this, you will not be disappointed.

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