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Reviewed by ccateninew 4 / 10 / 10

Its Not That Bad... However

The film isn't that bad, and can be quite good in some places. Its interesting to hear Justin Bieber's history before he became who he is today, and its nice to see how never say never was made. HOWEVER, if you hate Bieber, stay away! You will not like hearing about his history and wish you were watching Troll 2. However, if you have an open mined on Bieber and like documentary, this isn't the worst thing the director has made (see Jem and the Holograms 2015), and can be a decent watch at most.

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 1 / 10 / 10

I'm sorry, Bieber's fans, but this documentary was never any good.

Made before singer, Justin Bieber hit puberty & ditch his squeaking clean, bowl cut pre-teen image, for a tattoo Vanilla Ice, lost self-respect, douchebag persona. This documentary's job was to appeal to every fan that love his singing. For the most part, it kinda work, if you're a die-hard 'Beliebers". For the rest of us, the film doesn't work hard enough in earning our respect & appreciation for the Canadian popstar, and I will tell you, why. While, I will give the movie's some credit on mentioning some of the 'hardships' that Bieber's parents had to go through, while having him, at a very young age like the fact that they didn't have much money and were never marry. I just felt that film just doesn't dig, deep, enough in detail to give us, a perfect idea on, who, his parents, really were, & what were the events that led to his birth. It's kinda sad, because a lot of the stories that Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallete had to go through, to give birth to Bieber like sexual and drug abuse is left untold, due to the producers wanting to make sure, this film receive a G rating. It's doesn't risk to expose, anything too personal. Another problem with the film is how, they portray Bieber's attitude during his young childhood, by talking about how talent & stubborn the young boy was. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about being talented, but if your kid thinks, he should be the center of attention. Then, you clearly need to give him, a good talking about the dangers of being narcissist. Yes, I know that there are parts of the film that Justin says that he is grateful for the successes he's achieved in his young life, but it just doesn't really show him, giving much credit to anybody, but himself for working so hard. He come across in the film, as kinda shallow. Don't get me wrong, Bieber at the time, could had been a little more innocent than he is, now, but for a film that talks about the very special bond, he had with his maternal step-grandfather & mother, you rarely see that the connection with the second half, when the film follows the pop star, during his the 10-day lead-up to his biggest performance: a sold-out show in Madison Square Garden. Instead, you see him, hanging out with his father, Jeremy who barely help with Justin's upbringing, prior to Justin becoming famous. Jeremy didn't even help on posting the videos to Youtube that got Justin, rich. I get that, Justin probably wants to reconnect with his dad, through allowing him to join his entourage, but talk about selfishly riding the coattails on somebody else's success, without giving anything to it. Sucks, that stepfather, Bruce couldn't join, along, seeing how he help raise him, along with Pattie's mother, Diane. Talk about being under-appreciated and taken for granted. Another thing, odd about this movie, is how the film acts like selling out, MSG is the biggest thing, ever. Despite the fact that, Justin sold out, larger venues, throughout the nation before the Aug 31th 2010, show, like the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, where he sold the most tickets & Milwaukee Summerfest where he gross the most money for himself. If it's all about the prestige of the venue, other amazing sites that he perform, during his 'My World' tour was Nokia Theatre in LA, Aladdin Theatre in Vegas and later on, his tour, the 02 Arena in London. NYC isn't the only entertainment capital in the world. Another thing, wrong about the concert part of the film is how staged, it was. Before the performances, Mr. Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, would often led the crowd in synchronized hand gesture, and coach them, in how to react to Bieber, knowing fully well that director Jon Chu was about to film them. This is why the film, has making over the top, reactions from the fans, when pan to them. Even, the "One Less Lonely Girl" routine has been practice, a million times, beforehand. Another thing, the film doesn't show, is how bored the crowd, was, during certain acts of the show. Sequences with Jaden Smith & Boyz II Men weren't well-receive. Another problem with that show, is how few songs of Justin Bieber's own songs, he honestly sang. Most of the MSG show, he sang covers of more popular songs, or duets with guest performers. He even wove a few bars of Kanye West's "Heartless" into his song "Favorite Girl." If I was a 'Belieber", I would had been, deeply disappointed, by how little, he sang of his original songs. Another problem with the film is how unsatisfied the 3D was. It felt a bit unnecessary and gimmicky, a decision that seems to have been driven more by commerce than artistry. But, all of that said, Bieber's many fans, are sure to enjoy this look into his life. For people, like me, this documentary about the Canadian Pop Star was atrocious to watch. I really couldn't stand, how annoying, loud, and irritating the screaming of fans who somehow worship and adore this boy. Overall: This movie is epitome of the recycled garbage produced by the entertainment industry. It doesn't really stand out, from the dime a dozen other young pop artist concert documentaries that came out, over the years, like 2009's 'Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience' & 2013's 'One Direction: This Is Us'. Even the director's fan cut version was a bit disappointing. In the end, this film and its 2013's sequel 'Believe' is not worth singing about. I'm sorry, but I will never be a Belieber.

Reviewed by Colm Moore 1 / 10 / 10

too short to need a summary

I believe that if I pay for a movie then you should at least stay and watch it as you have payed the money for it I sat through Vampires Suck. I stood up from my chair and left this movie. This "movie" is some of the worst film making I've ever seen, that's if you could consider an hour and a half tribute to a prepubescent teenager while like camera shows his 12 year old female fans a movie. Unless you're a 12 year old who is currently under the impression that Justin Bieber is the world's most talented person on Earth the AVOID this movie. If you ARE a 12 year old who is currently under the impression that Justin Bieber is God, go listen to music from 80's / 90's. If there was a 0 stars option, I would have picked it. This movie made me sick.

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