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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 7 / 10 / 10

well worth a view

Its a russian production, and its russian patriotism and agenda, so swallow that pill and hide it in your bile gland, and take part in this neatly made story about mr.khalashnikov, born and raised in kazakhstan, with bloodline to turkmenistan, famous through history for his inventions, mostly weaponry, with semi and full automatic rifles and machineguns giving him most fame. its also a lovestory, very cliched, and its a humble comedy to those who can take a russian joke for what it is. the cast and especially the main male does a great apperance, but the the whole cast delivers. if you like old locomotives and historic railways, this is like winning the lottery, so great production management and hoice of location. its a fair biographical drama, with the ideological humps in the road for us living under the nato umprella the last 70 years, ive never held an ak-47, and will probably not, but they say it works like a tank, sturdy and polite. so if you will have a primetime candy then the grumpy old man recommends

Reviewed by ISpliter 6 / 10 / 10

a BIG 10 stars!

A very good movie. It shows the real atmosphere of the war, with good and bad, struggles, realities and the fking AK-47! One little critique I do have. What I have wished in this movie was to see him talk on the technical parts of the AK-47, the mechanics behind it ... and so on. I laugh my ass off when Kalashnikov in his old age declared that he is upset that many countries build his AK-47 without license :))) I remembered a Bill Gates complaint regarding windows, the exact same speech :))) No doubt, a great man ! Rest in peace Kalashnikov :)

Reviewed by rainfollower-95-646324 6 / 10 / 10

Quite mediocre. Beautiful, but non-engaging

On one hand, this is a technically good piece of filming. Costumes, vehicles, decorations, sounds, small details of the everyday life look very true. The overall picture is simple, but beautiful. A pleasure for an eye. On the other hand, the story is very shallow, flat and non-engaging: just 5 years of Mikhail Kalashnikov's life condensed into an hour and a half. And also, quite... let's call it 'pleasant'. Saying that, I mean there's no conflict in the story, no struggle, no tension, no unexpected turn. The road to AK-47 just unwinds before us, smooth and wide, and dotted with signposts. Just like Mikhail Kalashnikov himself! Who as a character looks just an-all-round-good guy. Quite pleasant to glance at, but there's nothing much to examine and explore. You can't really call this a biopic, because there's no real biography in it, no personality - only large milestones. Instead of diving deep into the tangled thicket of man's life the story just flies by at speed, barely touching treetops. And it is not the story of Kalashnikov's invention, too, because you can't really trace the path of the thought on its way from the idea to the final triumph. Not a drama, certainly, because there's no drama. And not a struggle, again; rather a chain of fortunate events. If Bilbo's journey of "There and Back" was of this kind, I think the book would start right at the Lonely Mountain. And the dragon would give up. The most fitting words would probably be "a formality". A well-built panegyric formality. A layer of gilding upon the relic, that makes it glittery, but smoothes out its real features. Watching this you will lose nothing, I think, except 90 minutes of your life. On the other hand, you will probably gain nothing, too (except maybe picking up some names).

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