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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barkingechoacrosswaves 6 / 10 / 10

Not all it's cracked up to be

My experience watching "Kaos" was not as rapturous as that of many who have reviewed it here. This is not, by any means, a bad movie, but it does have some shortcomings that marred the overall impression for me. Among the movie's strengths are its high production values, as evidenced by the gorgeous photography (including wonderful aerial shots of mountainous crags and deep valleys), meticulously assembled locations (invoking the poverty of the region so perfectly that they must have cost a lot of money), and the lovely music that punctuates and provides transitions among the various stories. It's obvious that this is a team that spared no expense or effort to create the best film they could. The movie's primary weakness --and it is not a small one-- is that the stories are neither particularly engrossing, nor are they told in a way that creates any real suspense for the viewer (including the viewer who has read not one word of Pirandello). The script blends humor and pathos in an interesting way, but somehow there isn't much depth to the performances, all of which are competent if not electrifying. Joined to the weakness of the stories one must also note the bloated length of the movie. There are doubtless many ways that this film could have been edited down into something less unwieldy, but none of them seem to have been given any real consideration in the design or execution of "Kaos." Thus we are left with an endurance test of sorts -- one which dilutes rather than strengthening the overall impact of the movie. People who have been ordered by their physicians to avoid stress at all costs will find this gentle and attractive movie easy to watch; those who yearn for stronger, tighter and more challenging stuff on their screens will not be overly impressed by "Kaos."

Reviewed by wobelix 7 / 10 / 10

Did Beethoven make films ?!?

Once Sicily was the center of our western world, and this film shows us all the beauties of far, far away, together with a Pastorale worthy of a Beethoven Symphony. No No, Nicola Piovani composed the unforgettable music all by himself. This film is timeless, with an imagery, thanks to master Giuseppe Lanci, that is as well sober as breathtakingly beautiful. There is not one weak actor and the stories are from Luigi Pirandello, who aimed to make one gorgeous novella for each day of the year. KAOS of the Taviani-brothers could, or maybe even should, be watched every day of the week. This must truly be the most beautiful cinematic achievement ever.

Reviewed by gridoon2020 7 / 10 / 10

Visually and aurally a masterpiece, but the stories themselves are not great

Artfully directed, lusciously photographed, and magnificent scored (in fact, I would say Nicola Piovani's music for this movie is some of the finest I've ever heard in my life), "Kaos" nevertheless leaves something to be desired when it comes to the five tales it tells. The first one, "L'Altro Figlio", is the strongest one emotionally, but it's also quite predictable after a point; you will guess why the mother has denounced her "other son" before it is revealed. The second, "Mal Di Luna", has an intriguing premise, but goes pretty much nowhere with it; when it's over, we're back to where we started. The third, "La Giara", is surprisingly my favorite: it's too slowly paced to work as a comedy, but it works better as an allegory, and it builds to an exhilarating musical sequence that is better seen than described. Besides, it's fascinating to watch the famous Italian comic duo Franco and Ciccio, both noticeably older, acting more mature than you may have ever seen them before! The fourth tale, "Requiem", is, frankly, tedious, and the weakest of the five. The epilogue, "Colloquio Con La Madre", is the part I was most looking forward to, mainly because of Pauline Kael's description of it as a "full-blown epiphany that sends you out dazed and happy". It takes quite some time to reach to that point, but yes, the way this story captures a life-defining moment of sheer happiness will stay in my mind for a long time. Despite my reservations, the experience of seeing and, above all, listening to this movie is not one to be missed. *** out of 4.

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