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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by namashi_1 9 / 10 / 10

A Winner All The Way!

2016 has found its first pleasant surprise in the form of 'Kapoor and Sons'. This One's a Heartwamring, Emotionally Powerful & also Humorous film, that wins you over. The Writing, The Direction & The Performances, all, are Tremendous. 'Kapoor and Sons' Synopsis: After their grandpa (Rishi Kapoor) gets a heart attack, Two Brothers (Fawad Khan & Sidharth Malhotra) come back to Coonoor & re-kindle with their Dysfunctional Family. Chaos Follows... 'Kapoor and Sons' is a wholesome entertainer. I was seriously impressed & engrossed by the flow of the narrative. The entire concept, of this imperfect, dysfunctional family & the secrets within them, has a terrific undercurrent of emotions. While the first-hour is light in tone & also keeps space for some great jokes, the second-hour shifts into serious family drama, but the shift in the mood, never slows down the momentum. In fact, 'Kapoor and Sons' strengthens even more as it progresses & you begin to feel for the characters a lot more. Shakun Batra & Ayesha Devitre Dhillon's Screenplay is Tremendous. The Writing is genuinely great, as this story flows wonderfully & ends, on a very high emotional note. There is scope for the emotional bits, comedy, some romance & of course drama. And it all fits in perfectly. Batra's Direction is Excellent. He returns to the Director's chair after a long time & seems more self-assured this time. Cinematography captures the impeccable beauty of Coonoor, aptly. Editing is crisp. Music by Various Artists is melodious. Art & Costume Design are first-rate. Make-Up (Especially for Rishi Kapoor) is fantastic. Performance-Wise: 'Kapoor and Sons' boasts fabulous performances from its cast. Rishi Kapoor is adorable as the grandpa, who is unmistakably naughty & also the sweetest of his bloodline. Fawad Khan does a remarkable job, enacting a difficult role with flourish. His character is "Unconventional" & a complete departure from the stereotype "Hero" roles. Sidharth Malhotra is natural & portrays a rather sympathetic part with confidence. He & Fawad share a good on-screen chemistry between them & their confrontations are nicely handled too. Ratna Pathak Shah is flawless as the long-suffering woman of the house. Just watch her in the scene when she discovers of Fawad's true-self, her expressions are priceless. Rajat Kapoor is first-rate as the hard to like father/husband. And lastly Alia Bhatt, who's smile alone is worth your ticket. On the whole, 'Kapoor and Sons' is a must watch. Two Thumbs Up!

Reviewed by navkaran_sandhu 8 / 10 / 10

Emotional family entertainer

Watching Bollywood movies , you get disillusioned seeing the crassness, but some producers/Directors know their Job well.this weekend release Kapoor and sons (since 1921) proved that right again .In simple words this movie shouldn't be missed.A family entertainer which churns your heart to the core and brings out that baby emotions hidden somewhere. Now coming back to film script is marvelous with all characters beautifully crafted,u long for each one of them, everybody have their problems and their own worries. Casting was done aptly, beautiful acting by all ,special mention Rishi kapoor he's your comic boy in this movie.songs are beautifully interwoven with beautiful lyrics with astutely crafted music. In one go its a must watch.........Family is most important adhesive, don't stretch it that much, so that it looses its capability and doesn't bind anymore.

Reviewed by nagsaptarshi 8 / 10 / 10

A lovable family drama

2016 is proudly making a statement- Bollywood has matured like hell.First Airlift,then Neerja, then Aligarh-all excellent movies with stories taken from real life.But this is an original screenplay.And perhaps one of the finest in recent times.This family portrayal is as real as possible- without the extra sugar that you expect from a Bollywood offering.This is not a picture about a rosy family.The family has its problems,flaws and ordinariness.But underneath all these, you have the most important ingredient-love.And this touch of reality is what touches you.The acting is magnificent especially that of Rishi Kapoor.Alia, Fawd,Siddharth,Rajat everyone does justice to their respective rolesRatna Pathak delivers a stellar performnce.A few songs are quite peppy.Overall a magnificent family drama with pint of humour, romance,emotions and finally togetherness.Its meant to be viewed with the family.So please do not watch it alone.Enjoy in the large screen with as many members of your family as possible.Highly recommended...

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