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Reviewed by Mattyman7 9 / 10 / 10

Glitter and Sparkle

Say what you like about Katy Perry, but she was born to be on that stage. Pop stardom doesn't always translate well to film, with more than a few musicians proving too unmarketable on camera. Katy Perry is just the opposite, and if this new documentary gets traction, fans could develop a preference for her sparkling on screen image. Even an average performance by the candy princess isn't boring, and while I was expecting a bit of a sing-along, these are surprisingly lacking, however what this lacks in musical numbers, it makes up for on the strengths of the pop star's genuine funny personality and likability. Thanks to 'Katy Perry Getting Intimate', which aside from a back-stage pass to the Hello Katy and California Dreams year long tour, looks back through Katy's religious upbringing and struggle to make it big. Ultimately it's an eye opener of if-Katie-can-do-it-so-can-I. It's also interesting to see a career that has included such milestones as having 5 number one hit singles off of one album, something only singer Michael Jackson has accomplished. Fans get an honest insight here and I defy anyone not to fall slightly in love with her after watching this.

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