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Reviewed by Hu-Flug-Dung 10 / 10 / 10

This movie changed my life.

This movie really helped me find myself. Before I saw this movie, I wandered this streets crying often knowing my life had no purpose. Until one faithful day, I found myself in Chuckey Cheese on my usual drinking binge. When to my surprise, the robotic Chucky Cheese and gang started singing "Happy Birthday" which sounds exactly like "You're the Best" (a song from Karate Kid) after an eleven day drink binge. I saw a bright light, which many witnesses argue was a fire cause from the bad wiring in the Chucky Cheese band, pointing at the prize shelf. I took the remaining money I found on a passed out man outside the Chucky Cheese and went to play the Wack-A-Mole game that changed my life. I furiously pounded the moles while I was in the middle of the Chucky Cheese. The children screamed and cried as I fulfilled my destiny; if I could see those children again, I would hug them, for I would not have been able to win those two magical tickets. I went over to thank Chucky which soon after I blacked out, passing out on stage I woke up a few days later in my one room apartment with the tape super-glued to my face. In my excitement I quickly tore it from my skin and shoved it into my VCR. The next hour and thirty-six minutes (I got the special edition) of my life would be the happiest any man could ask for. I was so blown away by the amazing special effects that I was overcame and called an ambulance to pick me up after the movie ended. Shaq play a stunning and realistic role as a rapping Genie. I often found myself dancing in room to his tunes while my neighbor was yelling hurtful words and threats through the wall. After awhile though, I passed out on my floor. Awaking from another blackout, I caught glimpses of Shaq giving candy to all the children. I laughed, I cried. Could this movie be as brilliant as I realized. The ambulance pulled up and I told the paramedics to grab my belly; I was immediately tared. After a few weeks in intensive care, I returned to my house how I left it. Kazaam has given me a new out look on life and hopefully it will help shape your views.

Reviewed by xilasero 10 / 10 / 10

WTF, man?

Dude. This movie was AWESOME. I loved when he dunked it. Alright, i'm drinking, but so what? So, apparently I have to fill 10 lines of text. That's terrible. Good thing I got half a bottle of wine left. So, yeah, Kazaam was amazing. Shaq was a genie. Who better to play the part? No one, that's who. Yizzeah. So, anyway, Max lives in Compton and is sick of getting shot at so he hires this basketball player to be his genie. Said basketball player is terrible at free-throws. Anyway, this guy is always..like..turning crap into something else and making some other crap fall from the sky. Then he (and the Miami Heat) beat the Washington Wizards 105-86 in the opening game of their Eastern-Conference-semifinals playoff series, but then he lost to Steve Nash in the MVP voting. So, the moral is, genies are better than wizards.

Reviewed by barbifrsh 10 / 10 / 10

2 Stars? Come ON!!

To any kid who grew up in the 90s this movie was excellent! I show it to my students now that I am a teacher and they love it still. It's a kids movie for goodness sake. The story is good, it is entertaining and funny so for a kids movie it's dang great! People giving this low ratings either didn't grow up in the 90s, had a really sucky childhood, or are just hating on the greatness that is Kazaam!

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