Keeper of Darkness


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quincytheodore 5 / 10 / 10

There's potential in the crisp visual and horror ambiance, but it's too frantic in execution to create any sense of dread or involvement.

Nick Cheung has challenged nearly a myriad of roles that come his way, mostly to a good degree of success. He does perform in "Keeper of Darkness" as the eccentric exorcist, but the over usage of CG and fragmented subplots make it hard for audience to invest on any perspective. While it sometimes looks smooth, the movie jumps too hectically from scene to scene, making the progress more convoluted than it needs to be. Fatt (Nick Cheung) is a man who possessed the ability to see ghosts. He tries to solve their problems and prevents them from stepping too far to the human side. This set-up, along with his tattooed and white haired visage, gives him a quirky and charismatic presence, almost like Constantine, supernatural detective from other side of the globe. However, the plot tries to churn too many occurrences in too short of a span. Some of the introductions are done sluggishly, then it speeds up to flashback of the past, the burning malicious ghost and even strange bond with female reporter and ghost. The transition is jarring and can be quite confusing with sporadic editing. This hurts the horror element as well, since some of the scenes are actually quite chilling, yet they are cut too shortly or done with too much CG. The graphic for setting and effect are admittedly pleasant, yet one would think a couple of horror instances are better off with practical effect. It also tries to fit in some comedic laughs, but these come off as cheesy soap opera from old days. "Keeper of Darkness" wants to bring more visual finesse to oriental horror, however the focus on narrative is messy and frequent shift of tone can be alarmingly distracting.

Reviewed by Neymar 6 / 10 / 10

Nick Cheung shot at an exorcism-type film

This show was quite a disappointment for me, as i have high expectations for Nick Cheung's movies. It was not much of a exorcism horror show as many would expect, but more like a mix of horror and romance where the romantic parts became too draggy; This actually have been Nick Cheung's style in his directed films. In this story line, the main bad guy's(devil) action (kills he made), were not really linked with any reason. There was little gruesomeness or action in the way he performed his kills , which makes the show boring. There was also little explanation for his overpowered status. I do not think anyone would understand the ending of the show Despite being one of the best actor out there, Nick Cheung, will still have a lot to learn in directing. I will give it a 5 / 10 rating for the beautiful actresses that made up the show 's flaws. A decent movie, but do not expect the best out of this horror flick.

Reviewed by kingjoneva 6 / 10 / 10

Decent Movie

Not going to bother with the plot as others have succinctly summed it up for you. In my opinion this was a decent film that one could watch if its a weekend and there's nothing to do. The acting, storyline and special effects will not leave you feeling disappointed. At the very least, if you rented this movie for a couple of bucks, rest easy in knowing you will get your money's worth.

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