Kermit's Swamp Years


Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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March 22, 2020



Bill Barretta as Croaker / Horace D' Fly / Roy the Frog / Turtle #2
Cree Summer as Pilgrim / Kermit's Mom / Star
Dave Goelz as Waldorf
Steve Whitmire as Kermit the Frog / Jack Rabbit / Chico
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rlkrumland 4 / 10 / 10

a bit morbid...

There are some very cute things about this film (especially the 'out-takes') and the usual Muppet humor prevails overall. There were some good jokes for the grown-up's as well. (My husband loved the tire tracks on one of the frogs.) However, I was a bit disturbed with the fact that the frogs were going to be dissected. My 3-year-old loved the Muppets, and I think the exaggerated acting was appropriate for her. But the repeated posing above these friendly frogs with sharp knives gave me a chill and frightened her. We talked it through, and she was okay in the end, but couldn't there have been a better climax for what is obviously a young children's movie?

Reviewed by TOMNEL 4 / 10 / 10

Pretty fun Muppet film for kids.

stars: Steve Whittemire as Kermit and other. Bill Barretta as Croaker and D'fly. John Kennedy as Arnie the alligator and others. Dave Goelz as Waldorf. Jerry Nelson as Statler. Interesting little movie about Kermit when he was little. The good things about it were the great look the movie had due to the cameras they used to film it. It had funny references to the Muppets as they are today, including Kermit mentioning that he doesn't like pigs, an appearance by young men Statler and Waldorf and Arnie the alligator which was a character that appeared on the show and was in the Muppet Movie. The plot was that Kermit and Croaker the frogs are going to be dissected for a school project, but escape. Meant for little kids, but adults will enjoy it too. My rating: B minus. 81 mins.

Reviewed by Nozz 4 / 10 / 10

Can poop jokes save the Muppets?

Oddly, "The Swamp Years" is about Kermit's adventures away from the swamp. The plot takes its good-hearted turns rather abruptly, without much signalling in advance. There are some in-jokes like Kermit's first encounter with a pig-- the sort of joke more likely to inspire a knowing nod than a guffaw. There are some poop jokes, which I don't think Jim Henson would have put up with. Kermit's voice is pretty good, except for an occasional underpronounced vowel. The music is well chosen, but there isn't enough of it and some of the lyrics are lame. I think my favorite character was Kermit's mother, who is more obviously a human hand than today's Muppets usually are. For some reason, I found it rather touching that when you go back in Kermit's ancestry you find the human creator more thinly disguised.

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