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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chetan_r411 10 / 10 / 10

Govinda shows his brilliance!!

For those who label "Govinda" as a comic actor, they need to see this movie!! When this movie was written, the writer must have thought of "Ajay Devgan" or "Sunil Shetty" as the protagonist, as they were doing many such films at that time. "Govinda" changed his usual style and delivers a high octane performance. His eyes did the talking in emotional scenes. I couldn't believe he could be so brooding. He showed flashes of this during the second half of "Shola aur Shabnam", but that movie had some comedy too. Here it is just the high octane, emotionally charged "Govinda" mouthing dialogues like "Amitabh" used to mouth in 70s. Comedy was left to Kader Khan in a small role. The villains in this movie were lecherous and heinous, be it "Shakti Kapoor", "Raami Reddy" and everybody else, especially "Shakti Kapoor", who delivered a knocked out performance. "Karishma Kapoor" was the best, when it comes to Govinda's pair. Their chemistry was impeccable. Music was very melodious and was in sync with 90s tradition."woh aankh hi kya", "tum sa koi pyara" and "tum maano ya na maano" all were soothing to the ears. "Sexy , sexy , sexy" was different but it proved its importance, as it created enough controversy needed to help the movie on box office. There were many scenes that were not suitable for young audience. Dialogues were the highlight of the movie, with most of them being adrenaline pumping, especially the one "Govinda" tells "Shakti Kapoor" in the climax. This movie was an example of his unlimited talent and I would say every person who thinks of him as a comedian must watch this movie. It is sad, he didn't do many such movies, but it is same as saying why "Shahrukh" didn't so may movies like "Darr" and "Anjaam".

Reviewed by namashi_1 7 / 10 / 10

Govinda at his Best!!

Govinda is one of the most talented actors of Hindi Cinema today. I loved him as a kid, and I remember him being hailed as the 'King of Comedy Films' back in the day. But in 'Khuddar' he battles his usual 'Comedic' image and sinks his teeth into an out-and-out Action-Packed, Serious role. 'Khuddar' is the same old story of the Good Versus the Bad. It's a battle between Truth & Pride. The regular action, emotional scenes, loud-fight sequences, hit songs and finally a highly anticipated climax. Director Iqbal Durrani handles this 1994 fare very nicely. And I must credit him for casting Govinda in a completely serious and heavy-duty role. The Songs are good. Acting wise, Govinda clearly rules the show. He is Brilliant from start to end. Karishma Kapoor is good. Kader Khan is superb. Shakti Kapoor is at his menacing best! Mahesh Anand is intimidating. Rami Reddy is adequate. On the whole, A Must Watch for Die-Hard Govinda Fans!

Reviewed by vjnambu 7 / 10 / 10

Watch it for govinda

Khuddar is a remake of tamil film walter vetrivel. Story has nothing new to offer. Screenplay is average and of course its filled with all those clichés of 90s. But one can ignore those for govinda's performance. Govinda who we all remember for his comic roles, gives here an intense and impeccable performance as a no nonsense cop. His dialogues are clapworthy. After watching this film, I realised what a versatile actor is govinda.

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