Kill Ben Lyk


Comedy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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April 9, 2020


Bronson Webb as Nervous Ben Lyk
Bruce Mackinnon as Banker Ben Lyk
Dimitri Leonidas as Roberto
Gretchen Egolf as Talisker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lazarchikjacob 7 / 10 / 10

Great introduction. Entertaining to watch. Some Downfalls.

I will say, excellent for what appears to be a lower budget production. With very few scenes to work with, you made a very excellent movie. The plot felt complete, it was entertaining to watch, however, some characters warranted some more development. Particularly the main character, who is revealed as egotistical, but besides that, has not many more character traits. He occupies plenty of screen-time yet he lacks in dimension. Often he is repeating similar behaviors, and not contributing much of anything positive to the story line. This makes the character exhausting, degrading the plot,; however, other characters fill in this void and become much more significant to the plot. In terms of comical value, the comedy is not well placed, it feels repetitive, and hurts the thriller and mystery aspect of this movie. The movie felt casual, not much got my eye, and with very little connection to the characters, the target genre seemed unapparent. Overall, enjoyable? Yes. Memorable? No.

Reviewed by clivejamesrd 7 / 10 / 10

Very light weight humor, kinda juvenile, coulda been better, though.

The main setback is that the vlogger character has way too much screen time and he's tiresome. to see and hear after 20 minutes. Someone so utterly stupid is never funny more than five minutes in because for the rest of the movie you keep thinking, "This would be more fun if he got what he deserved, got dispatched, in the second act, then the show could go on." That would be achieved by making all the Ben Lyk characters responsible for carrying the movie, rather than the putx hwo is stuck at age five all the way through. Yes, in real life utter imbeciles may surive to a mature age, but in entertainment, we are not obliged to reflect that much realism.

Reviewed by TheRealMisterMan 7 / 10 / 10

Pleasantly surprised

The main character is an almost insufferable vlogger stereotype, but the humor is able to carry it regardless, and I was pretty entertained throughout. Would definitely recommend for movie night with friends or similar.

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